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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) With the materials PA12, PA12GB, PA12FR, PA12CF, PP01

Layer thickness

100 µm

Component size

maximum: 480 x 300 x 350 mm


polyamide, glass-reinforced polyamide, flame retardant polyamide, polyamide carbon filled, polypropylene


Series material, high-strength, elastic, thermally stable, colorable

Lead time

2–5 working days, daily system start

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a generative layer construction process and supports product development with its speed. The model is constructed via local sintering or melting of layers of powdered material using focused laser radiation. In this way, any three-dimensional geometries can be created without supports. With SLS, detailed functional prototypes or series can be produced very quickly, starting from batch size 1. This leads to an accelerated product development, a reduction in risks and a shortening of time to market.


Quality materials and perfectly maintained equipment guarantee the highest level of form and fit accuracy for your parts. Our high-tech equipment receives only the best manufacturer materials, which have been tested by us for a long time. Currently, you can choose from the laser sintering materials polyamide, polyamide with glass reinforcement, polyamide flame retardant and polyamide with carbon fibers. Because many products are made of polypropylene and we consistently pursue our goal to come 1-to-1 to the original, we also offer the material polypropylene PP01. As special technologies, the material rubber and, for particularly detailed applications, the FDR technology are also available.



PA 2200



PA 3200 GF



PA 2210 FR



PA 603-CF



AM Polymers

EOS PA 2200
EOS PA 3200 GF
EOS PA 2210 FR 
AM Polymers 
EOS PA 1101
 SLS    In comparison: SLS-FDR
Hardness [Shore D]7580  5975
Bending modulus of elasticity [MPa or N/mm²]1700 ±80290023009170684 
Tensile modulus of elasticity [MPa or N/mm²]1900 ±502850 ±3502200-250079006501600
Elongation at break [%]20 ±37 ±23-742430-40
Vicat softening temperature [°C]165 ±2166-179  >108 
Density [g/cm³]0.931.
Tensile strength [MPa or N/mm²]50 ±149 ±238-468519.548
Notch impact strength [kJ/m²]3.4 ±0.54.2
Impact strength [kJ/m²]35 ±821  31 
(ignition time 12s)
  1.7 mm + 2.0 mm
Test passed
Smoke density  1.7 mm + 2.0 mm
Test passed
Burning behavior  1.1 mm / HB 
2.0 mm* / V-O
Toxicity  1.7 mm + 2.0 mm
Test passed
Glass ball weight fraction in [%] 40    
ColorabilityExcellentLimited, not RALPossible**Limited, only blackNot colorableExcellent, not RAL
Chemical smoothingExcellentExcellentPossible**ExcellentNot possibleExcellent
Material datasheetMaterial datasheet
(Only german)
Material datasheet 
(Only german)
Material datasheet
(Only german)
Material datasheet
Material datasheet
(Only german)
Material datasheet
(Only german)
Additional certificatesBiocompatible
Food contact
   Food contactBiocompatible

The material data have been verified by the Fraunhofer Institute or are based on the manufacturer's data sheets.
* In internal tests by the material manufacturer, UL94 V-0 was already achieved at a wall thickness of 2.0 mm. Officially (Blue Card) UL94 V-0 is confirmed at 3.0 mm wall thickness.
** Possible loss of flame retardancy.

Your advantages

  • Fast, flexible, cost-effective and tool-free production from your data
  • Materials suitable for series parts (especially polypropylene)
  • Complete design and construction freedom for implementation of complex structures, as well as functional elements
  • Cost optimization of prototypes, variants, small series, individualization
  • High repeat accuracy and assured properties due to top material expertise

Order technology samples

SLS - Selective Laser Sintering, a topic that is becoming increasingly important in 3D printing. To give you a “1-to-1” understanding of our expertise in this area, we have developed four sample boxes. See, touch, feel - SLS up close, powered by 1zu1. 


Selektive Lasersintering (SLS)

Advice tailored to your needs

At 1zu1, we help you find the perfect solution by combining the best technology with a wide range of materials. And this is implemented in the shortest possible time and with the highest technical precision.

Challenge us. What can I do for your project?

Sebastian Fink

area manager CH / LI / Vlbg
T +43 5572 33 333-839

“When it comes to perfect prototyping, it’s safe to say that we are the right address.”

Sebastian Fink is a trained instrument maker and plays the bass clarinet – his personal anti-stress program.

Stefan Rädler

area manager Germany
T +43 5572 33 333-842

» For perfectly implemented ideas, I propose new technological paths with my customers.«

In motocross and enduro, Stefan Rädler is on difficult paths.

Klaus Pichler

area manager Austria
T +43 5572 33 333-838

»As a cyclist, I know that excellent technology is the key to speed – and therefore to success..«

Klaus Pichler spends his free time in the saddle – he and his road bike conquer Austria’s mountains with endurance and the right pedal stroke.

Sebastian Fink

area manager CH / LI / Vlbg
T +43 5572 33 333-839

“When it comes to perfect prototyping, it’s safe to say that we are the right address.”

Sebastian Fink is a trained instrument maker and plays the bass clarinet – his personal anti-stress program.

Surface finishes

Here at 1zu1 we can treat master models, duplicated parts and serial parts with special surface techniques according to customer requirements . We finish the prototypes and serial parts via EDM texturing, high gloss, special effects (metallic, silver, partial) or subsequent varnishing.

We can also accommodate individual color samples or color requests (RAL, NCS, Pantone). For this purpose, we offer a wide range of surface treatment processes in manual finishing, depending on the initial technology. Each process can be applied individually, in combination, partially or fully, according to RAL or NCS.

The possibility of individual printing, laser marking as well as hot foil stamping is also available at 1zu1 in-house. Put us to the test!

Design options and guidelines

Selective Laser Sintering is typically used for components with hard-to-reach areas, functional film hinges and undercuts. To enable us to manufacture these objects precisely and without problems, we have compiled a series of technical guidelines to support your design process.

Details of the design guidelines


At 1zu1

we currently have 13 SLS machines for plastics with different materials at your disposal. We are constantly investing in new machine technologies. On all machines we realize build layers from 40 - 100 µm and wall thicknesses from 0.22 up to 0.65 mm. Previously visible layers disappear more and more, clean and smooth sidewalls are created, fine or large parts can be produced even more accurately. We start daily with all materials. Our standard lead times are 3 days. Larger dimensions or quantities on request.


SLS systemsType designationConstruction layer thicknessSystem construction spaceWall thicknessMaterials
EOSFORMIGA P 100100 µm200 x 250 x 330 mm0.45 mmSLS Rubber
EOSFORMIGA P 110100 µm200 x 250 x 330 mm0.45 mmPA12, PA12 GB, PP01
EOSFORMIGA P 110 Velocis100 µm200 x 250 x 330 mm0.45 mmPA12, PA12 GB
EOSEOS P 396100 µm340 x 340 x 600 mm0.65 mmPA12, PA12 GB, PA12 FR, PA 603-CF, PP01
EOSEOS P 500100 µm500 x 330 x 400 mm0.5 mmPA12
EOSFORMIGA P 110 FDR40 µm200 x 250 x 125 mm0.22 mmPA11
In the prototal group

In SLS, a wide range of different equipment and materials are available to our entire customer network. The number of 60 SLS machines is divided into 20 EOS P1xx -, 20 EOS P3xx -, 5 EOS P5xx - and 15 EOS P7xx machines. The material variety ranges from standard materials to special materials. We are proud to be part of this international group of companies.

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