Our innovative measurement and project technology offers numerous practical advantages when it comes to quality assurance: The accuracy, resolution and measurement-field size are freely definable and numerous application areas are covered, e.g., quality control, reverse engineering or rapid prototyping.

The absolute repeat accuracy provides high process reliability with shortened start-up times, accelerated product starts and higher-quality component inspection. We use measurement and inspection software to ensure continuous calibration and monitoring of the transformation speed and environmental changes.

Measuring and inspection software: 3D scanner Atos Triple Scan from GOM
Ideal collaboration – the seamless interplay between hardware and software provides the ideal basis for perfect results.

Accuracy at a glance

The Atos Triple Scan 3D scanner from GOM lets you quickly check the dimensional accuracy. With the help of color comparison images, you can immediately see any deviations between the original data set and the component over the entire object (best fit). Complex individual measurements are thus no longer necessary.

The 3D scanner is particularly suitable for injection-molded, sheet-metal and cast-metal parts, because the complete 3D scan and comparison with the original 3D data model enables an analysis of the target and actual values in only a few seconds. Comparison images quickly and clearly reveal any deviations in terms of dimensional accuracy, distortion, sink marks or spring-back of sheet-metal parts.

Tactile measurements, are carried out using the EROWA PreSet 3D CNC, e.g., for dimensional control or to determine the form and positional tolerances. Measuring programs can also be created on the basis of imported CAD data and existing CAD structures can be transferred.

Feedback for you

We can provide you with the measurement results for every scanned component very quickly. You can then immediately decide whether or not the deviations are acceptable.

The measurement dimensions

From small objects, such as tiny electronic components, to large models – anything is possible.