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Metrology + Computed Tomography
Quality Assurance and Digitalization

Different technologies for the production of three-dimensional components and different requirements for dimensions and tolerances necessitate a variety of different measuring technologies. The existence of these different measuring and testing methods, which correspond exactly to customer requirements, is a must in quality assurance at 1zu1. The most important thing here: accuracy at a glance.

Top technology at 1zu1

The innovative 1zu1 measurement and project technology is a milestone in optical measurement technology. With it, we can precisely capture even difficult objects with shiny surfaces, fine structures and edges. Since fall 2021, computed tomography has been added to GOM's optical metrology at 1zu1. 

Our measurement techniques at a glance

Computed tomography machine exaCT L 150 from Wenzel

3D components with deep pockets, undercuts, etc. can be fully scanned by computed tomography.

3D scanner Atos Triple Scan from GOM

Our 3D scanner Atos Triple Scan from GOM provides a quick status of dimensional accuracy.

Your advantages

  • The accuracy, resolution and measurement-field size are freely definable
  • Many application areas: Quality control, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, injection molding, additive manufacturing, etc.
  • The absolute repeat accuracy provides high process reliability with shortened start-up times, accelerated product starts and higher-quality component inspection
  • Continuous calibration thanks to secure measurement and inspection software
  • Continuous testing of the transformation speed and environmental change
  • Ongoing, recurring testing of the process technology (plant accuracy, drift…)

Since 2022 injection molded parts produced at 1zu1 will be sent through the CT scan according to previously defined quantities. In this way, we at 1zu1 can permanently guarantee component quality with regard to dimensional requirements.

What's more, our ongoing quality assurance is done through CT technology. This means we continuously check the accuracy drift of our 3D printing technology by recurring testing always with the same data sets.  

With the advent of computed tomography, we are investing in the latest and best possible technology for capturing three-dimensionally generated products in both prototyping and series production of plastic parts. The latest generation of computed tomography systems from Wenzel enables three-dimensional recording and display of the accuracies required in component drawings. This means that they can also be tested in the generated component in the best possible way. We see the introduction of this technology as a milestone at 1zu1.

Optical metrology is used to determine physical quantities with the aid of various devices. It is indispensable in automation technology, as it monitors the quality of the product in the form of measurement and test data during the product creation process.

In this method, optical 3D scanners measure without contact using optical sensors. A stereo camera system is used for three-dimensional measurement and shape measurement. Complete 3D data of large and complex components are captured. 1zu1 uses the Atos Triple Scan 3D scanner.

It is used in quality assurance, product development and production alike and is used to measure industrial products, engines, machines and components, electrical and household appliances, consumer items, etc.

Your feedback

In a short time, the measurement results for each scanned component are available. This makes it possible to decide very quickly whether deviations are still acceptable or too large. The measurement dimensions range from small objects, starting with the tiny electronic component, to large models of up to 1m in length.

The compact plastic delivery system allows optimal positioning of the stent graft during surgery.
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