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Better results, streamlined processes

Ever since our company was founded in 1996, we have set new standards in the production of prototypes and small series. We attach great importance to innovative solutions, in terms of our manufacturing processes and materials, as well as in our workflows. This is the only way to ensure can we offer our customers the perfection and precision that we strive for.

The various in-house systems that we use to create our master models and our logistically ideal storage system are, among other things, the result of continuous development. We reinvest our profits in innovative technologies – and thus continuously raise the bar when it comes to managing customer projects. This results in an optimum price/performance ratio.

We believe that clarity is important if you want to work efficiently. Our customers expect a rapid turnaround of their projects – and that we always maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality. Standards facilitate communication. An efficient exchange of information accelerates processes and improves the results.

Process-oriented services

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