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Series parts in the blink of an eye
In a quality that meets series requirements

From plastic injection molding to additive manufacturing, our range of technologies allows you to manufacture components which are used as series parts and put into circulation. Your quality criteria, test methods and test intervals provide a common basis for success.

When we talk about production, we mean serialparts that are put into circulation and for which certificates, guarantees of origin or other things are available. For the production of your plastic parts, we use a wide portfolio of different technologies. Additive processes such as 3D printing (Selective Laser Sintering), injection molding and vacuum casting open the way to production in series and pre-series production.

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Pre-series are put into circulation for the first time by the customer. Later, these are replaced by series parts. They are used for validation of a series, as final test parts for installation or for final functional tests. This should result in a release for series production with very little effort.

These components, are put into circulation as series parts by our customers. The quality requirements of the customer are to be coordinated with the 1zu1 possibilities. A validation of the processes is possible.

Various additional technologies, such as chemical smoothing of laser-sintered parts or coloring of plastic parts by impregnation, bring the 3D printed parts so close to the usual series requirement from injection molding that there is no longer any discernible difference. This high level of vertical integration makes it possible to produce outstanding series 3D printed parts. However, the decisive factor is whether the series material is approved by the customer. 

  • Applications with a total of up to 350,000 parts in the life cycle of a plastic part
  • For very small quantities of very few parts, it makes sense to select 3D printing as a production technology from the outset.
  • 3D printing: quantities of up to 100,000 are possible and, depending on the requirements of the component, also useful.

By using in-house manufactured aluminum molds and the entire subsequent injection molding process, iteration steps can be completed in an extremely short time, starting from the first injection-molded prototype up to a production run of 100,000 pieces or more. You are faster on the market with your product and profit by selling your products to your customers at an early stage. At the same time, the cost of aluminum molds is only a fraction of the cost of steel molds.

  • With 3D printing technologies: 2–5 working days
  • With plastic injection molding: 2-7 weeks

Your advantages

  • Thousands of ready-to-use parts in just a few days
  • Customization & new variants quickly available
  • Changes & corrections can be implemented quickly
  • Precision thanks to state-of-the-art equipment
  • High repeat accuracy close to that of injection molding
  • Quality advantage thanks to advisory skills in series production
  • Shortened time-to-market, thanks to:
    • skilled advice from many years of experience
    • fast tool design in 3D
    • in-house production of injection-molded parts in original material
  • cleanroom production in accordance with ISO Class 8
  • faster to series production
  • solutions for multiple components, production with inserts
  • possibility of manufacturing technically highly complex parts through the use of aluminum molds
  • 25 years of expertise focusing on the highest quality
  • Variety of materials available
  • Visually appealing parts 
  • Surface, color and transparency close to precision
  • Your original is our standard
  • Availability of special materials

Advice tailored to your needs

At 1zu1, we help you find the perfect solution by combining the best technology with a wide range of materials. And this is implemented in the shortest possible time and with the highest technical precision.

Challenge us. What can I do for your project?

Sebastian Mathies

business developer
T +43 5572 33 333-834

»1zu1prototyping, that's like fast food on the level of top gastronomy. And if necessary, with a lot of portions.«

Sebastian Mathies knows that the eye also eats. That's why he chooses the right ingredients, the right technology and the necessary finishing steps. The result: prototypes to your taste.

Stefan Rädler

area manager Germany
T +43 5572 33 333-842

» For perfectly implemented ideas, I propose new technological paths with my customers.«

In motocross and enduro, Stefan Rädler is on difficult paths.

Klaus Pichler

area manager Austria
T +43 5572 33 333-838

»As a cyclist, I know that excellent technology is the key to speed – and therefore to success..«

Klaus Pichler spends his free time in the saddle – he and his road bike conquer Austria’s mountains with endurance and the right pedal stroke.

Sebastian Mathies

business developer
T +43 5572 33 333-834

»1zu1prototyping, that's like fast food on the level of top gastronomy. And if necessary, with a lot of portions.«

Sebastian Mathies knows that the eye also eats. That's why he chooses the right ingredients, the right technology and the necessary finishing steps. The result: prototypes to your taste.

The new EOS P500 plastic laser-sintering system makes it possible. The system has been put through its paces for you. Today, three systems of this type are in use exclusively for 1zu1 customers for series components with up to 100,000 pieces or more. In terms of repeat accuracy, the technology is becoming comparable to the injection-molding process,but with the familiar advantages of flexible, tool-free production and a fast turnaround time.  The new generation of systems offers constant dimensional accuracy and unsurpassed detail mapping throughout the installation space, thus ensuring maximum precision for entire assemblies.

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Injection molding with aluminum molds involves the rapid production of molds for injection molding technology, as well as the production of small series from plastic using the  injection-molding process. By using high-strength aluminum materials and an additional surface coating (if the required number of pieces is available), up to over 100,000 components can be produced for 1zu1 customers with a single injection mold. A cleanroom facility has been added to the injection molding production process to meet customer needs and all market requirements, especially in the field of medicine and laboratory technology, but also in microelectronics, life science, etc. Quality assurance is made possible by the new acquisition of a state-of-the-art computed tomography machine. 

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Vacuum casting is an established process for fast and cost-effective duplication of master models using silicone molds. Our silicone molds are reinforced with high-end additives. This allows us to increase the accuracy of vacuum castings. The result: a reduction in delivery time. Wear and tear? A thing of the past. Thus, instead of the usual 15 to 20 parts, we produce an almost “infinite” number of parts from our silicone molds. With the result that we can close the gap to series production. You benefit by paying the initial costs only once at 1zu1 when using standard PU resins.

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