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Customs clearance for CH und LI Working together like with a domestic Swiss company

Our effort, your advantage

  • We operate exactly like a Swiss company when it comes to quotations and invoicing and charge you Swiss VAT at 7.7%.
  • The customs clearance is not arranged on behalf of your company, but on behalf of 1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG with Swiss VAT number (CHE-142.503.454). Your advantage: You have nothing to do with customs clearance, as we pay the Swiss VAT due directly to the Swiss tax office. 
  • The DDP costs shown on the invoice include the costs for both export and import customs clearance.

Injection-molding tools created and stored at 1zu1

  • According to the Swiss tax authorities, 7.7% VAT is charged on stored injection-molding tools if the service from the tool (production of the injection-molded parts) is exported to Switzerland. 1zu1 therefore charges for the pro-rata tooling costs in the course of delivery of the initial samples, including Swiss VAT at 7.7%. No Austrian taxes are payable.
  • Special case for delivery to Austria: If the ordered initial samples of a Swiss invoice recipient are delivered to Austria, the value added tax of the destination country of the goods i.e. Austria applies to the tool costs (currently 20%)
  • Special case for delivery to other EU countries (not Austria): Since July 1, 2021, due to a new EU settlement rule, a delivery to an EU country outside of Austria is only possible if the Swiss company acting as invoice recipient itself has a valid VAT number of the desired EU delivery country. It is also possible for Swiss companies to apply for corresponding UID numbers (VAT identification number) in the EU. Delivery and invoicing will then be made without VAT.

Please note: We request that you inform your accounting department of this mandatory rule. We also ask for the disclosure of all existing UID numbers.

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