Tiny details make a big difference. Fine Detail Resolution (FDR) sintering technology from EOS enables extremely intricate structures with highly refined surfaces. Even on stable components with a minimum wall thickness of around 0.22mm. This is a world first – 1zu1 is pioneering the use of this brand new technology.

The finest laser meets the right material

The basis for this is two components – a laser with an ultra-fine beam and polyamide PA1101. The advantages: This plastic is particularly flexible, tough and high resolution. These properties allow the finest details to be resolved with smooth surfaces and extreme edge sharpness.

The benefits here include not only high-precision components, but also entirely new application areas for series production – from filter units to fluid guides and electronic components.

In addition, the PA1101 FDR material is insensitive to elevated ambient temperatures. This further expands the possible application areas and allows, among other things, tests during live operation.

1zu1 as a pilot partner

And the best part? 1zu1 is also a pilot partner of EOS for this groundbreaking technology. As such, we have thought ahead, developed and tested for you – and thoroughly researched the possibilities that will benefit you most.

The result is components that are even more precise and accurate than anything previously achieved by any other sintering technology for plastics. This is what we call FINE DETAIL RESOLUTION (FDR).

Your advantages

  • Optimal for new applications: ultra-fine sieves, small channels or your custom mini component – realized quickly and precisely
  • Plastic: PA1101
  • Suitable for prototypes and series production with functions that are not possible with injection molding

Be a pioneer. With us.

This means: Your applications are our challenge. Which we welcome. Which we accept. Which we will master. Be a pioneer and join us on our journey to the future. At the forefront.

We look forward to hearing from you.