Vacuum casting is ideal for duplicating models. Starting from a master model, a silicone mold is created which is then used to duplicate parts made from polyurethane. Surface treatment is our passion and we can simulate any desired surface on the master models – this is then reproduced in the silicone tool during its creation. Using this technology, we can thus produce components that are indistinguishable from an original injection-molded part. High gloss, EDM texturing, graining, etc. – almost anything is possible. The perfect coloring of the casting resins in accordance with RAL, Pantone, NCS, or based on your sample, guarantees optimum results.

Typical applications

Design and functional prototypes for all applications cast from near-series material. Whether for displays, headlight glass, light guides, covers, plugs, multi-component components, housing shells or complete devices – with this technology virtually anything is feasible.

VAK aircraft harness
1zu1 Highlight: one mold, a virtually “infinite” number of pieces.
1zu1 production
This is where the final touch is applied to your prototype.

The final touch

We can use special painting techniques to treat the master models and duplicated parts in accordance with customer requirements. We finish the prototypes via EDM texturing, high gloss, special effects (metallic, silver, partial) or subsequent varnishing. Individual color samples or color requests (RAL, NCS, Pantone) are also no problem.