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Storage Free storage of molds and tools

We do not deliver manufactured molds and tools to our customers. Only the finished parts are delivered. We store the corresponding master models and molds free of charge for at least one year (unless they have been approved for disposal by our customers beforehand).

Automated KARDEX storage system for convenient logistics

Master models, molds, reference samples, color samples, castings, fixtures and all other production aids are stored under the 1zu1 article number in our automated KARDEX storage system Quick access to all tools and production aids required for production ensures fast deliveries for repeat orders.

Prototype production – storage time and disposal

If no repeat order is placed within one year, all inventory items allocated to the article are disposed of in a professional (the items cannot be identified afterwards) and environmentally friendly manner (does not apply to rapid-tooling injection-molding tools).

Aluminum molds for injection molding production – storage time and disposal

Aluminum molds for injection molding are stored free of charge for three years after completion of the last production run/order. The tools are then disposed of in a professional (the items cannot be identified afterwards) and environmentally friendly manner. Longer storage is possible. For this purpose, you will receive our quote in good time, before the expiry of the 3-year period.

Note on the durability of stereolithography parts

The shelf life of some undelivered products (especially stereolithography parts) is very limited. STL parts are prone to warping within a few days due to water absorption, which causes them to increase in volume. Therefore, these parts cannot usually be reused multiple times for silicone-mold production. They often break during demolding from the first mold.

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