Consulting, design, refinement, production. These are the fields we are at home in. We are one of Europe’s leading specialists in prototype, model, series and single-unit production. 

What drives us: a determination to get it right. Quickly, reliably, and with intelligence and flexibility. That takes innovative technologies, wide-ranging know-how, precision and perfection, discretion and confidentiality. But above all, it takes an understanding of what our customers really need in order to realize their goals.

We have been working successfully for national and international customers since 1996. Nothing stays the same. Changes are part of everyday life. And nowhere more so than in our industry. But one thing never changes: our commitment to the world of 3D objects. 


We operate in a variety of markets and serve both national and international customers. Complete solutions from a single source, the most innovative technologies, comprehensive expertise, precision and perfection, discretion and secrecy – these are the hallmarks of our work. We seek an active dialog with our customers from the outset. The starting point is usually the matter of choosing the optimum technology for the desired components and applications. We are happy to advise you in depth. Our knowledge, experience, speed and efficiency give you a decisive edge.

Evolution of 1zu1

Wolfgang Humml and Hannes Hämmerle originally founded their company in 1996, renaming it 1zu1 Prototypes in 2002. At the outset, the company comprised a 250 square-meter production area, two employees and two vacuum-casting machines. By 2017, a team of around 140 skilled workers plus 30 apprentices generated sales of approx. 18 million euros. Today, 1zu1 occupies a total area of 6000 square meters.

Rewarding success

The company has made a name for itself through competence, integrity and innovation. In 1991, its dedication and corporate success were rewarded with the Vorarlberg "Business Oscar". In 2011 it came first in the Vorarlberg SME competition "Pillars of the Economy", and in 2012 it took first place again in the "Trio of the Year" competition organized by the Trade & Crafts department of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, 1zu1 Prototypes was awarded the "Salvus" seal of quality of the state of Vorarlberg, and in 2016 it was voted the best family business in Vorarlberg by the Austrian daily "Wirtschaftsblatt".

We never stand still!

Working in an industry that is constantly experimenting with new materials and production techniques calls for true pioneering spirit. 1zu1 meets that demand with innovations and research projects. In June 2004, it successfully completed a two-year RP Metall project to produce thin-wall magnesium components. Its top highlight in the rapid prototyping market was the development of new technologies allowing the production of over 1000 vacuum-cast parts from a single silicone mold. Previously, the silicone molds were exhausted after 30 to 35 parts.

Our employees have made us what we are today. Every single one of them is an original talent with a very special passion. Irreplaceable, unique, original.

145 highly qualified specialists plus 30 apprentices are currently dedicated to the success of 1zu1 Prototypes. We are particularly keen to encourage a proactive approach on the part of our staff. We are always on the lookout for innovative individuals who value a pleasant working atmosphere. We offer excellent prospects for skilled craftspeople with an interest in new technologies.

A career with 1zu1 Prototypes

We offer a fair salary, flextime, a state-of-the-art workplace, thorough training, real promotion prospects, fringe benefits such as a pension plan and an in-house canteen, a friendly team and the innovative world of 3D-objects. Our 1zu1 Careers homepage sets out our credentials as a dynamic employer. Applications are always welcome. Simple, direct, straightforward.

An apprenticeship at 1zu1 Prototypes

As a certified apprenticeship training provider with our own state-of-the-art training workshops, we have a lot to offer. If the idea of spending time tinkering in our high-tech workshop appeals to you, take a look at the 1zu1 Apprenticeship homepage! Whether you just want to dip your toe in or apply for an actual apprenticeship with 1zu1, a wealth of opportunities await you.