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Company Welcome to the world of 3D objects!

Production and prototyping of plastic parts - that is the world of 1zu1. For over 25 years. We operate in a wide variety of markets and work for national and international clients. With technological diversity as well as industry-leading precision and speed, we enable our customers to gain the decisive competitive edge.

25 years of expertise

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High Precision. Quick Solutions.

Our goal: To accompany customer projects quickly to the market by using the best and fastest technology.
What drives us: Doing things right, but above all understanding what our customers really need and what will help them move forward. And we do this quickly, reliably, with intelligence and flexibility.
Our method: The building blocks of our profession are innovative technologies, comprehensive know-how, precision and perfection. In our understanding, 100% discretion and secrecy are also indispensable. Our employees are a key factor in our success. Every single one of them is an original with his or her own special passion: unmistakable, unique, original.
Furthermore, we always rely on the best technology – always on the ball with the technology that allows the customer to be on the market with his product quickly and in the best possible way.

At home and abroad

We operate in a variety of markets and serve both national and international customers. For complete solutions from a single source, we seek active dialogue with our customers right from the start. We usually start by choosing the optimum technology for the desired components and applications. Even at this stage, we are happy to provide thorough advice. Our knowledge, experience, speed and cost-effectiveness give our customers the decisive edge.

1zu1 in numbers

Sales in million € Employees 2022 16,7 153 2021 16,5 155 2023 17,0 135 2018 19,0 180 2000 2,6 15
16.0 million



9,000 m²


Sales in 2023 Employees thereof apprentices Total working area Year of foundation


Our brand ambassador: the falcon

You may be wondering why you keep encountering a falcon at 1zu1 and what prototyping and production have to do with the agile bird of prey. It's simple: the falcon perfectly represents our company with its special abilities.

Did you know that the peregrine falcon can accelerate to over 300 km/h in a dive? That its eye has a high temporal resolution? And that it has mastered the technique of shaking flight, which allows it to remain in one place in the air?

Speed, precision, technological diversity - that's what 1zu1 offers its customers. For more accurate, more meaningful prototypes and for series parts in record time.

  • We rank among the best in all fields when it comes to innovation, precision and speed.
  • We are an independently operating company of an international group of companies
  • We are one of the most attractive employers in the region.
  • Head start in the implementation of product developments and the production of plastic parts. This is achieved by using excellent 3D printing, prototyping and production processes. From one unit to 100,000. And all that is in-house and ISO-9001-certified.
  • A head start when it comes to saving time: our high-precision and rapid working methods enable our customers to enjoy corresponding advantages. Since we cover all production processes in-house, we significantly shorten the time-to-market of our customers' products. We subject discretion and data security to the highest standards.
  • A head start in consulting: we have a broad knowledge of relevant technologies and materials and, as part of the Prototal Group, the support of a large and experienced network. This makes us our customers' problem solvers at every stage of the product development process.

How do we present ourselves?

  • stimulating
  • enthusiastic about technology
  • conscientious

25 years of success

Since its foundation in 1996, 1zu1 has gone from strength to strength. From two employees and 250 m2 company space at the start, to 9,000 m2 and almost 135 employees today. The years of success have been accompanied by numerous awards such as the Vorarlberg Business Oscar and by constant investments. Because technological diversity with industry-leading precision and speed enables 1zu1 and its customers to take the next step.

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