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Since 1zu1 was founded in 1996, the world of 3D objects has continued to develop. In the last few years in particular, there have been some innovations in the areas of material and technology. In order to always be well informed, we have prepared the important questions / answers for you in various areas.

Extract from the 1zu1questionnaire

The surfaces of prototypes and series components can be improved in further processing steps.

This form of surface treatment includes various processes and technologies that change the surface properties of manufactured components and models. This enables the improvement of surface functions of prototypes and of components in small series. For example, a coating can be applied to enhance the components by protecting them from wear and tear or corrosion. The surfaces can also be given an optical or aesthetic finish. For example, glossy lacquers, logos and much more can be applied to the components.

With the advent of computed tomography, we are investing in the latest and best possible technology for capturing three-dimensionally generated products in both prototyping and series production of plastic parts. The latest generation of computed tomography systems from Wenzel enables three-dimensional recording and display of the accuracies required in component drawings. This means that they can also be tested in the generated component in the best possible way. We see the introduction of this technology as a milestone at 1zu1.

In a cleanroom, the concentration of airborne particles is controlled. It is designed to minimize the number of particles introduced into the room or created and deposited in the room. In the cleanroom, parameters relevant to cleanliness such as temperature, humidity and pressure are controlled as required.

We ensure their quality by using various measurement techniques such as 3D scan or computed tomography. Starting in 2022, at least one manufactured component will be scanned with a newly acquired CT device after each production process and the manufacturing tolerances will subsequently be evaluated. 

We produce the following variants, among others: Multicomponent injection molding by part rearrangement, sprue, tunnel or hot runner molding or complex parts with inserts up to approx. A5 projected area.

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