Austria + EU zone

Our transport partners in the EU area are:

  • Terminkurier Austria (small packages, next-day service)
  • DHL
  • Gebrüder Weiss

We deliver packages weighing up to 5 kg (including packaging) free of charge. For packages weighing over 5 kg, we charge for the actual costs incurred. These prices correspond to the prices negotiated by us with the forwarding agents plus an administrative surcharge.   

Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Our partners for these countries are:

  • Kurierdienst Geiger / Dornbirn
  • Schweizer Post (delivery of express mail next day by 9am for the whole of Switzerland + Liechtenstein).

As an “Approved Exporter”, we are able to deliver goods to Switzerland and Liechtenstein just as quickly as if 1zu1 were a Swiss manufacturer. All goods that we finish by 3pm will be delivered by 9am the following day by Schweizer Post in the destination area.

To avoid delays, the goods are not cleared through customs directly to you, but rather to ourselves in Switzerland. (See “Customs clearance for CH und LI“).

We operate in Switzerland/Liechtenstein exactly like a Swiss company and deliver all goods shipped to the destination country exclusively under the terms “DDP”.

We charge the “DDP costs” shown on the order confirmation for transport, customs clearance and postal dispatch in CH/LI.

For goods weighing more than 30 kg (including packaging), or if several parcels are shipped, we calculate the shipping costs including customs duties separately. These charges must either be requested separately in each individual case or are included with the quotation and stated on the order confirmation.

Countries outside the EU (excluding CH/LI):

Our transport partners outside the EU zone are:

  • DHL
  • Gebrüder Weiss
  • Your chosen freight forwarder

For shipping outside the EU you have two options:

a.) You tell us your desired partner for customs clearance and shipping – we hand over the goods including the necessary number of pro-forma invoices to your logistics partner. The carrier then invoices you directly for shipping, customs clearance, etc.

b.) We commission one of our partners to arrange customs clearance and shipment of the goods to you.
In each individual case, we determine the current price either online at our partner (DHL) or by submitting an inquiry to the carrier. These prices correspond to the prices negotiated by us with the forwarding agents plus an administrative surcharge.