In a digital world, most things – but by no means everything – are available as a collection of bits and bytes. We scan your objects and create a digital 3D object from them. We can provide you with the measurement results for every scanned component very quickly – with a precision down to 0.02 mm.

You can then use the acquired 3D data for quality assurance, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping or to populate your digital archive.

Our innovative measuring and project technology represents a milestone in optical metrology and can precisely detect even challenging objects, such as those with shiny surfaces, fine structures and edges. The accuracy, resolution and measurement-field size are freely definable. Integrated measurement and inspection software ensures continuous calibration and monitoring of the transformation speed and environmental changes.  

Direct feedback on your component

We can provide you with the measurement results for every scanned component very quickly – with a precision down to 0.02 mm. With the help of color comparison images, you can immediately see any deviations between the original data set and the component over the entire object. Complex individual measuring points are not necessary, but are possible at any point. You can decide immediately whether any deviations are acceptable or outside your tolerances. In other words: quality control at a glance.

Specially developed for injection-molded and sheet-metal parts

Via the complete 3D scan and comparison with the original data model, within only a few seconds the comparison images reveal any deviations in terms of dimensional accuracy, warpage, sink marks or spring-back of sheet-metal parts.

Measurement dimensions

From tiny electronic components to small objects and large models – anything is possible. Reference marks are used to correlate individual images – for example, it is even possible to produce a scan of an entire car!

New milestone in optical metrology –GOM's Atos Triple Scan enables fast digitization of models. Perfect quality inspection for every part is guaranteed and a measurement of any desired point on the part is possible.
1zu1's GOM specialist Marco Hermann will show you the whole process and demonstrate the advantages of the new measurement technology in detail.
Process flow – first, reference points are attached to the component in the critical areas (depending on shape, size, color and texture).
Positioning – the Atos Triple Scan is placed in the ideal position for the component in question.
Placement – the component is positioned in accordance with the desired measurement result.
Setup – final adjustments before the scan guarantee the best possible result. Detailed settings can also be adjusted in the software.
Measuring and inspection software: 3D scanner Atos Triple Scan from GOM
Ideal collaboration – the seamless interplay between hardware and software provides the ideal basis for perfect results. The ATOS 3D digitizer can also be controlled via the software.
Scanning process – the top and bottom sides are determined via two different scanning passes. During the scanning process, a stripe pattern is placed over the object to preserve its surface geometry
Precise 3D data – precise 3D data is available for analysis immediately after the scanning process. The individual scans are automatically merged from a combination of reference points and via alignment of the surface geometry.
A fast route to STL – GOM Inspect Professional converts point-cloud data into 3D mesh data and provides extensive post-processing functions. In a matter of seconds, an STL file of the component is obtained, which can in turn go directly into production.
Feedback – meaningful color-deviation images can now be generated for the customer. The customer can thus immediately see deviations between the original data set and the component over the entire object – and can then decide whether the deviations are acceptable. Complex individual measurements are no longer necessary.
Evaluation – in addition to fast color-deviation images, the GOM metrology provides numerous additional analysis tools (2D section-based analysis, form position tolerance, inspection functions including dimensions, virtual caliper, angle, diameter ...).
Another highlight – comprehensive report generation for you (initial sample inspection, tables (e.g., VDA), freely adaptable inspection report templates ...)
Additionally available – the GOM Touch Probe also combines surface and tactile 3D measurements. This enables measurements of areas that are difficult to access with conventional optics, as well as measurements of standard geometries, direct comparisons against CAD data, fast measurements of single points and online alignment

GOM Atos Professional Software

With the Atos Triple Scan from GOM, metrology has finally entered the 3D age:

  • Blue Light Technology
  • Stereo camera system with high-resolution measuring cameras (8 million points per image).
  • Optical and tactile measurements for difficult-to-access areas
  • Full-surface 3D scanning
  • Stereo camera system
  • Integrated monitoring of measurement tasks
  • Comprehensive process reliability thanks to integrated monitoring of the measurement tasks
  • Real-time evaluation of 3D surface deviations via TARGET-ACTUAL comparison: A color comparison of the 3D scan (ACTUAL) to the original CAD data set (TARGET) allows fast evaluation of the deviations and distortions.
  • Additional individual measurements, such as shape-position tolerance, parallelism, coaxiality, distances, cuts, etc. enable measurements at any point. The results can also be output in tabular form just like tactile measurement protocols. 
  • Comprehensive measurement data – even for painted components, glossy surfaces and sharp edges.
  • Complete three-dimensional image of the scanned object. Measurements can therefore be made retrospectively at any point on the component – without the need for an actual component. This provides additional security, e.g., for a scenario in which the measuring points were still not known when the test report was generated and the component is no longer available.
  • You are welcome to download the complete GOM Atos inspection software and use it without restrictions with the scanned data set created by us (you simply need to register on the GOM website). This enables you to carry out further measurements and evaluations by yourself at any time.