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Das Bild zeigt den neuen exaCT L150 Computertomographen in der Firmenzentrale der 1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG. Mit der Anschaffung dieser hightech Anlage geht 1zu1 in Richtung Qualitätssicherung in der Serienfertigung.

Computed tomography Turning objects back into data

From object to data representation – 1zu1 does it for you. We scan your objects and create a digital 3D object from them. In a short time, measurement results are generated for each scanned component with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm. This 3D data is used for quality assurance, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping or to build digital archives.

Computed tomography at 1zu1

3D components with deep pockets, undercuts, etc. can be fully scanned using computed tomography. Using GOM software, deviations from target dimensions can be immediately and easily visualized. This is the ultimate technology for highly accurate 3D scanning of plastic components manufactured from any technology (3D printing, injection molding, etc.).

Your advantages

  • Full, high-resolution (3000 x 2500 pixels) 3D image of the object
  • Problem-free measurement of transparent and reflective parts
  • Measurement of micro parts and components with a size of up to 150 x 300 millimeters
  • Inspection of dimensional accuracy, material inclusions, impurities, material distortion and shrinkage
  • Customer-friendly presentation of the evaluation
  • Process monitoring thanks to quality proof for each batch
  • Assembly analyses possible through multimeasurements of up to 20 parts

Sample project

In the area of 3D printing, an air distributor made of SLS PA12 was requested with a required quantity of 1,600 parts. The difficulty here was that no residual powder was allowed to remain in the channels. Due to the demanding geometry, this could not be checked visually.

With the exaCT L150 system from Wenzel, powder residues can be analyzed at 1zu1 for the first time. Colored in red are 730.78 mm³ of powder residues, which remained after the standard cleaning process. Due to an optimized cleaning process, the powder residues are completely removed. Quality assurance at the highest level.

Before the optimized cleaning process

After the optimized cleaning process

Full 3D capture and comparison with the original 3D data model enables real-time analysis between target and actual. Comparison images quickly and clearly reveal any deviations in terms of dimensional accuracy, distortion, sink marks or spring-back of sheet-metal parts. A color comparison of the 3D scan (“actual”) to the original CAD data set (“target”) enables a quick assessment of deviations and distortions.

From tiny electronic components to small objects and large models up to 150 x 300 mm made of plastic – anything is possible.

Additional individual measurements, such as shape-position tolerance, parallelism, coaxiality, distances, cuts, etc. enable measurements at any point. The results can also be output in tabular form just like tactile measurement protocols.

Comprehensive measurement data is even possible for painted components, glossy surfaces and sharp edges.

A complete three-dimensional image of the scanned object can be created. Measurements can therefore be made retrospectively at any point on the component – without the need for an actual component. This provides security for measuring points that are not even known at the time of the test report, even if the component is no longer available. STL data is archived at 1zu1 free of charge and it is possible to perform another or a new test at any time.

In a short time, the measurement results for each scanned component are available with an accuracy of up to 0.005 mm – depending on the size and density of the component. With the help of color comparison images, you can immediately detect any deviations between the original data set and the component over the entire object. Complex individual measuring points can be omitted, but are possible at any point. This allows a decision to be made immediately as to whether deviations are still acceptable or already outside the requirement. In other words: quality control at a glance.

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