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This is a world first – Lasersintern in Fine Detail Resolution (FDR)

Tiny details make a big difference. Fine Detail Resolution (FDR) sintering technology from EOS enables extremely intricate structures with highly refined surfaces. Even on stable components with a minimum wall thickness of around 0.22mm. This is a world first – 1zu1 is pioneering the use of this brand new technology.

Additively manufactured component for a 5D cinema

Additive manufacturing is on the path to success

Additive manufacturing provides a direct link between the developer's desk and the production line.

COVID-19: 1zu1 – your stability in difficult times

COVID-19 raises many questions. Economic, legal but also social. We are convinced that proactive communication and transparency help to create clarity.We would like to inform you about the possibilities that affect your cooperation with 1zu1.

rapid tooling
A faster route to the original material

We use high-speed cutting to mill aluminum tool inserts for our in-house plastic injection-molding machines. This enables us to produce components from original materials in the shortest possible time – as a prototype or series part.

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Additive Manufacturing
Series production from one piece

Rapid manufacturing is revolutionizing industrial processes and design methods. Processes that were previously “at home” in rapid prototyping are now arriving in series production: 3D printing, vacuum casting and injection molding with rapid tooling.

Careers and apprenticeships at 1zu1

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