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April 7, 2022, Vienna (A)

Impetus for 3D printing: trends, business models and developments that are already feasible through 3D printing and will be possible in the near future.

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What we stand for
High precision. Quick solutions.

Prototyping and production of 3D designed plastic parts – this is the world in which we,1zu1, feel at home. We are one of the leading companies for prototyping, 3D printing and small series production in plastics in Europe. What drives us is customer need – we want to provide the fastest and most accurate solution at every stage of product development and launch. By using the best and the fastest technology, a high level of knowledge and flexibility in the 1zu1 team, you will gain a decisive market advantage.

25 years of expertise

Wide-ranging know-how


maximum precision in your project

Fast on the market

Our speed is your advantage

Highest level of data security

to protect your developments

Variety of solutions from a single source
Interesting current customer projects

Maximum precision for rapid diagnosis

Microfluidics, cleanroom quality, and a pilot series with up to a quarter of a million units – 1zu1 and the medical technology company BluSense Diagnostics realized a “lab on the chip” plug-in module using injection molding in compliance with the strictest production requirements.

Faster to a safe distance

Munich-based start-up Sentrity is launching a pocket-sized distance meter. It projects the minimum distance for social distancing on the ground and can be used for other purposes even after the pandemic. 1zu1 was delighted to be asked to contribute the housing for the prototype and also made a few practical suggestions.

Rapid relaunch of a design icon – thanks to 3D printing with top-class optics

Gardena’s cordless grass and shrub shears are a classic design. Indeed, the company’s „Accu 6“ model from 1974 is even on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 1zu1 had the honor of supplying the chic outer shell for the relaunch of this iconic design.

At 1zu1 the latest technology is available. This has opened up completely new possibilities for us. The gears we produce at 1zu1 have the most delicate structures and – thanks to FDR technology and chemical smoothing – a highly refined surface. They feel as though they were injection molded. In addition, they are quiet in operation.

[Translate to English:] Das Bild zeigt alle einzelnen Bauteile der türkisen Gardena Gartenschere und dient als prototypisches Gesamtbauwert.

Prototyping + printing

Rapid relaunch of a design icon – thanks to 3D printing with top-class optics

[Translate to English:] Das Bild zeigt eine schwarze Nähmaschinen Spule der Marke "Bernina" und steht für die Serienfertigung im Spritzguss im Hause 1zu1.


Quickly implementing pre-series production with aluminum and injection molds

What distinguishes us beyond that


Surface technology + Printing

High-quality finish for components

Quality assurance in series production through the use of the new CT exaCT L150 from Wenzel.

Metrology + Computed Tomography

Quality Assurance and Digitalization

Das Bild zeigt zwei 1zu1mitarbeiter in Schutzkleidung in der 1zu1reinraumfertigung für die Herstellung von keimfreien und sterilen Kunststoffteilen.
Plastic injection molding

Cleanroom production in accordance with ISO Class 8

Prototypes and small series – manufactured cleanly and sterilely

Production or prototyping?
Your requirements are decisive

We want to offer you a market advantage in time, so we focus on precision and speed in prototyping. A wide range of desired product properties is achieved in a short time by using the best possible technologies. The key questions are those about the main properties of the series material and the most important quality characteristics of the plastic components. 

In production, the focus is on your series application of the plastic part. All technologies offered at 1zu1 can be used for series production. The focus is on the selection of materials as well as the structural design of the respective component. You will achieve cost and time advantages if the design and material selection are determined at the beginning of the product development of the component or an entire assembly.

This is particularly important if 3D printing technologies are to be used as a series technology. Compared to injection molding, there are cost advantages here when functions are integrated and the special possibilities of 3D printing are incorporated into the design of the component at an early stage.

Get highly qualified information on using the right technology from us early on.

Career / apprenticeship
Help to shape the world of 3D objects

Lively, exciting, original – we are looking for people who will take us forward. With manual dexterity. With technically oriented thinking. With a fascination for projects that play in the top league. Become one of us.

We offer state-of-the-art, light-flooded workplaces with a view of the mountains around Dornbirn, a friendly team, thorough training, real opportunities for advancement, the innovative world of 3D objects, fair pay and extras such as pension plans and our own canteen.

Design opportunities are the greatest joy in the profession. We also support each individual with the freedom that makes top performance possible in the first place. 

As demonstrated by our robotic milling center, which combines two state-of-the-art 5-axis HSC systems, we are constantly investing in new machines and processes. To master these is a daily challenge. All the better when everything runs smoothly.

We are an owner-managed high-tech company and celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2021 . “We plan for the long term and invest in people and machines, because technology without human know-how is pointless.” Our employees are our success factors.

Innovations don't happen by themselves. People try things out, experiment and look for solutions. Craftsmanship is required and the willingness to break new ground.

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