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The new 1zu1 PV system with Managing Director Thomas Kohler, Production Manager Christian Humml and the property owners Hannes Hämmerle and Wolfgang Humml.

Solar power for 1zu1 High-tech company uses PV system for production

Dornbirn, March 5, 2024 - 3D printing, vacuum and injection molding: 1zu1 from Dornbirn uses state-of-the-art machines to produce small plastic components for prototypes and series. The high-tech company now also uses electricity from the new PV system for production. The output of the 66 kWp system flows entirely into 1zu1's business operations. Company founders and property owners Hannes Hämmerle and Wolfgang Humml are investing in the site and thus supporting sustainability within the company. 1zu1 has also achieved greater sustainability in 3D printing by saving on materials and increasing efficiency.

State-of-the-art machines, air-conditioned production rooms, heat recovery and now also photovoltaics: the high-tech company 1zu1 is once again increasing energy efficiency at its headquarters in Dornbirn. The site, which was expanded to 8,500 square meters in 2021, meets all the requirements for industrial series production. The investment in the PV system with a peak output of 66 kWp was made by the company founders and property owners Hannes Hämmerle and Wolfgang Humml. They will continue to support 1zu1's success after the takeover by the Swedish Prototal Group in 2022 and their departure from the company at the end of 2023.

"The production site plays a key role in economically attractive manufacturing. The PV system enables us to make further savings and thus promote efficiency and profitability," emphasizes Hannes Hämmerle. "With our commitment, we also want to make a contribution in the future," adds Wolfgang Humml. "Every kilowatt hour flows into business operations. With the PV system, we can supply two different parts of the building with solar power independently of each other as required," says 1zu1 Managing Director Thomas Kohler.

Sustainability in 3D printing

1zu1 also saves resources in the production process. By focusing on higher quantities and technological advances, the company is reducing its material consumption. "We are one of the few companies in the world to use the high-performance P500 system from EOS. Thanks to the high packing density, we produce twice as many components as with previous system generations and save so much powder," explains Production Manager Christian Humml.

Thanks to the optimal setting of the three P500 systems and weekly melt index measurements, 1zu1 has been able to increase the proportion of used powder in 3D printing by up to 10 percent. "With the latest technology, we achieve better results, require less material and reduce waste to a minimum," emphasizes Humml. Since the beginning of the year, 1zu1 has also been using more climate-friendly materials such as the bio-based plastic polyamide 11 (PA 1101 ClimateNeutral) and optimized polyamide 12 (PA 2200 CarbonReduced) with a 45 percent lower CO2e footprint.

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