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Broadly positioned – down to the last detail

3D printing

Additive processes are a fixed factor in prototype construction, and increasingly also in series production. Stereolithography, Laser Sintering, Multi Jet FusionFused Deposition Modeling and other  3D printing systems have evolved tremendously, as has our expertise in these fields.

Plastic vacuum casting

vacuum casting is the perfect process for duplication with polyurethane casting resins.

Plastic injection molding

tool production, we also offer injection molding  and cleanroom injection molding for prototypes and series production.

Mechanical manufacturing

Mechanical production is an essential part of our toolmaking expertise – for post-processing of castings and prototype production. Our modern machining centers with robot systems deliver both capacity and speed.

Varnishing, structuring, infiltrating, embossing, printing – diverse printing services at 1zu1

Surfaces (printing, marking, ...)

We can apply special painting techniques to treat master models and duplicated parts in accordance with customer requirements. We finish the prototypes via EDM texturing, high gloss, special effects (metallic, silver, partial) or subsequent varnishing.

3D metrology

3D metrology provides the basis for high-precision component detection and inspection. Comparison images show deviations between the original data record and the component in just a few seconds. Test reports complete your documentation

Armin Huber

Area of Responsibility: Switzerland, Liechtenstein
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“At 1zu1, rapid prototyping means being really fast, even faster, the fastest to find solutions that work. But we take our time on the consulting side.”

Armin Huber enjoys roaring through the Alps on his motorcycle. Just like at 1zu1, it’s a hobby in which speed and technology must come together.

Armin Huber, 1zu1 Project Manager
and motorcycling enthusiast