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Endless opportunities

Rapid Prototyping
Get from the idea to the model faster

From the additive 3D-printing processes to the subsequent casting in plastic and metal, to the mechanical production of prototypes – you’ll find all the technologies needed for a perfect prototype at 1zu1.

rapid tooling
A faster route to the original material

We use high-speed cutting to mill aluminum tool inserts for our in-house plastic injection-molding machines. This enables us to produce components from original materials in the shortest possible time – as a prototype or series part.

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Additive Manufacturing
Series production from one piece

Rapid manufacturing is revolutionizing industrial processes and design methods. Processes that were previously “at home” in rapid prototyping are now arriving in series production: 3D printing, vacuum casting and injection molding with rapid tooling.

[Translate to English:] Thomas Kohler, Vertriebsleiter, Prokurist

Thomas Kohler

Director and Authorized Representative
T +43 (0)5572 52946-217, F -917

“We are relationship managers. I meet our customers on an equal footing and with great openness. The fact of the matter is that, in the end, you reap what you sow!”

Besides the clarinet, Thomas Kohler also plays the Styrian button accordion and believes that, in music as in life, the right tone is everything.

Thomas Kohler, 1zu1 Sales Director – plays the clarinet as well as the Styrian button accordion