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Consulting The key to successful projects

3D objects – a world that is becoming more and more diverse. New technologies, materials and application areas are conquering the market. And in this diversity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to map a problem to a specific process.

Technical and economic precision

Why is that the case? Quite simply, the boundaries between rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing are becoming increasingly blurred. They can often only be determined on a case-by-case basis using specific project and component parameters.

And this is exactly where 1zu1's consulting expertise comes in. We are not only a 3D printing service provider, we also attach great importance to intensive, project-related consulting and to maintaining an active dialog with our customers. The decisive factor in the process is not the technology used. The primary goal is rather to achieve the desired properties with pinpoint accuracy and in a way that makes economic sense.

From prototype to additive manufacturing

An essential success factor in product development today is the way in which the components are designed. The further development of processes and materials is constantly making new solutions and applications possible. As a result, they are increasingly replacing costly classic production processes with additive manufacturing. New design methods are making new processes and thus new business models viable.

In addition to project-related consulting, we at 1zu1 offer lectures and workshops, including on the subject of 3D printing, to educate our customers about these new design and construction possibilities.

Mix & Match – Multiple technologies from a single source

Technological development has not only changed the feasibility of prototyping, it has also affected its applications. Increasingly, projects are no longer limited to individual components, but are expanding into complex products. These products require different materials and 3D printing processes.

And this is precisely where 1zu1's strengths lie: our experts combine our knowledge, experience and the wide range of manufacturing techniques to create a perfect 3D printing process.

This is what we at 1zu1 understand by “Mix&Match”: complete solutions from a single source across technology boundaries.

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