We pay close attention to the area of data transmission and security. You can choose between the following secure data-transfer options: 1zu1direkt, e-mail, FTP or ODETTE.


The most convenient way to transfer data to us is via our online tool. With just a few clicks you can access 1zu1direkt – welcome to the world of 3D objects!

Our online tool lets you:

  • Submit inquiries
  • Place orders (including payment by credit card)
  • Reorder
  • Easily upload multiple data sets as required
  • After importing your data you will receive a preview image of your parts
  • With improved shopping cart and even more configuration options

Give 1zu1direkt a try and see for yourself!

By e-mail

Please send your data to daten@1zu1.eu or directly to your usual  contact.

Please note the file-size limit of your e-mail provider. Our in-house server has no file-size limit. All e-mails are scanned for malware several times. Therefore, please do not send us data that cannot be scanned – any such data attachments will be blocked by our firewall in any case (*.exe and other self-executing files, ZIP archives with password protection).

Our e-mail server sends and receives all e-mails with TTS-Secure encryption if this setting is available on the sender’s/recipient’s e-mail server. Please ask your IT system administrator to enable the corresponding settings. If TTS is enabled on both communicating e-mail servers, none of the transmitted texts and file attachments are visible to third parties.

Via the 1zu1 cloud

We operate our own 1zu1 cloud (Nextcloud). Your 1zu1 contact will gladly send you a link for data upload. To arrange this, please send an e-mail to daten@1zu1.eu or directly to your usual contact.

Via Odette (OFTP2)

You can transfer data using the ODETTE protocol via the ISDN number +43 (0)5572 52946-6941. Please exchange your ISDN/Odette parameters with us using the online form below or the corresponding fax forms.

Please be sure to notify us that you have sent us files by sending an e-mail to daten@1zu1.eu.

ISDN Odette