The world of three-dimensional objects has become increasingly diverse in recent years. We are continuously discovering new technologies, materials and application areas. It is becoming increasingly difficult to map a particular problem to a specific process.

Technical and economic precision

The boundaries between Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing are becoming increasingly blurred and can often only be determined in individual cases with reference to specific project and component parameters.

At 1zu1 we therefore attach great importance to intensive, project-related consulting and maintaining an active dialog with our customers. It’s not the technology that is decisive, but rather the goal of achieving the desired properties with pinpoint accuracy and in a cost-effective way.

From prototype to additive manufacturing

An essential success factor in product development today is the way in which the components are designed. The ongoing development of processes and materials constantly makes new solutions and applications possible – and allows costly traditional production processes to be replaced with additive manufacturing. New designs are making new processes and new business models viable.

For this reason, in addition to project-related consulting, we offer lectures and workshops to educate our customers about these new design and construction possibilities.

Mix & Match – Multiple technologies from a single source

Technological development has changed not only the feasibility of, but also the applications for, prototyping. Increasingly, projects are no longer based on individual components, but rather on complex products that require different materials and processes.

This plays to our strengths by enabling us to combine our knowledge, experience and wide range of production techniques.

Milling, turning, printing, polishing, painting, engraving: For the new collection of Swarovski writing instruments, 200 different parts were produced and assembled into finished products in just four weeks. The resulting prototypes were perfect, market-ready samples that could serve as specifications for series production.

This customer story perfectly illustrates what we mean by “Mix & Match” – complete solutions from a single source that combine multiple technologies.