We are a tinkerer's workshop with an R&D-based approach – and are constantly experimenting with new materials. We have also succeeded in producing some niche and specialist materials. After thorough testing, we have approved the following special materials for prototype production: impact-resistant and bending-resistant polyurethane, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing polyurethane resin, a thermally stable material up to 190° Celsius and a diffuse, light-scattering material for improved translucency.

From our test lab: flame-retardant polyurethane resin
What happens in case of fire? The answer was provided via a flame test involving our self-extinguishing material 091FAR.

From our test lab: thermally stable material
Thanks to its high thermal stability, the components retain their shape even at 190°C. See for yourself.

From our test lab: diffusor material 122
An additive material that scatters light so perfectly it shines through evenly all over the component. A feast for the eyes!