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Top speed for series production in 3d printingLarge quantities in high quality with the EOS P500

50,000 high-precision, complex and customizable series components in just a few days: 3D printing at 1zu1 makes it possible - without any tooling costs, from a single piece and almost as accurate as injection molding.

As an exclusive pilot customer and development partner of the mechanical engineering market leader EOS, we ourselves are helping to shape the future of additive manufacturing - and offer our customers every opportunity to get ahead. No less than three state-of-the-art P500 laser-sintering systems provide unrivaled top performance for 3D printing in industrial dimensions. See for yourself!

Performance, quality and automation

The high-performance P500 system meets all requirements for homogeneous and repeatable component quality - and does so in record-breaking production time. With a build rate of 600 millimeters per second, the machine is twice as fast as all other laser-sintering systems available on the market. In the 66-liter build envelope, 2,400 plastic-compatible sample components with a maximum edge length of 30 millimeters are printed after just 16.5 hours - that's a breathtaking 25 seconds per component.

For the first time, small and medium-sized series of up to 50,000 parts can be produced economically and at up to 30 percent lower cost than with conventional 3D printing. The quality also reaches new heights. Two powerful 70-watt lasers, optimized exposure parameters and a sophisticated heating system guarantee constant dimensional accuracy of 0.2 millimeters throughout the entire build envelope. This quality and performance can otherwise only be achieved in injection molding - and there only after time-consuming and cost-intensive mold development.

State-of-the-art filtration, self-cleaning, short cooling times and optimized processes create the basis for maximum availability, minimum delivery times and absolute safety. Just 15 minutes after one construction job is completed, the next one follows - and the next and the next. At 1zu1, three plants run in parallel - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By the way: Our new fully automated blasting plant for powder removal reduces post-processing even further and shortens throughput times by up to 20 percent.

Guaranteed success for small and medium-sized series

Production-ready 3D printing opens up large markets and new scope. Those who embrace the technology and take advantage of the design benefits can create a smooth transition from the first prototype to a marketable product with 1zu1's complete range of services. Dyeing without dimensional loss and chemical smoothing ensure high-quality surfaces after rapid manufacturing.

How and where does 3D printing series production pay off in practice? Wherever up to 50,000 components are required. For example, in medical technology products or flashes of genius like the Fliphead or TEACH.AIR. For example, high-performance, high-quality 3D printing allowed the rapid implementation and market launch of completely new accessory products for musical instruments. 3D printed parts can be personalized on top of that. Individual adjustments can be made without tools and without much effort.

With us, you can realize unique ideas, get a head start, increase your efficiency and bridge the gap to mass production.

Powerful 3D printing at a glance

  • Tool-less production of up to 50,000 series components
  • Market advantage through fast production and flexible adaptations
  • Economical realization: short throughput times, high quantities and optional post-processing (smoothing, dyeing, printing)
  • Technological edge: double speed, high repeatability and constant dimensional accuracy throughout the entire build envelope
  • Design advantages due to geometric freedom: one-piece design, undercuts, cavities, channels, integration of functions, individualization
  • Material: PA 2200
  • Quality inspection by means of computed tomography (CT)
  • Day and night operation for minimum delivery times
  • Consulting, development and production from a single source: from prototype to series product

… and in numbers

  • Construction space:: 66 liters (500 x 330 x 400 mm)
  • Build rate: 600 millimeters per second
  • Speed: 2,400 sample components with 30 x 30 x 12 mm in 16.5 hours = 25 seconds per component
  • Tolerances: ±0.2 mm
  • Up to 30 percent cost reduction due to high volumes


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