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Duplication in vacuum casting1zu1 from master model to series product

Whether true-to-the-original prototypes, small series or market-ready special productions: With vacuum casting from 1zu1, high-quality plastic components can be produced in just a few weeks - and at moderate initial costs, without the need for lengthy tool development.

State-of-the-art equipment, many years of experience, perfect master models, fine-tuning by hand and a variety of materials create elements that are true to shape, color and function. The big advantage: 1zu1 guarantees up to 1,000 precisely fitting parts with just a single silicone mold - and thus significantly more than conventional vacuum casting production with around 20 parts. All master models are manufactured in-house at 1zu1 - using 3D printing (selective laser sintering and stereolithography) or mechanically by CNC milling. This shortens the time from initial design to market launch and ensures maximum efficiency in product development.

Solid, malleable and functional

From 1 make up to 1,000: Vacuum casting is the simple, fast and cost-effective solution for the production of manageable quantities of fully functional plastic parts. 1zu1 has perfected the process since it was founded in 1996 and started with two machines. Today, we produce dimensionally accurate parts with the highest quality and complex geometries on twenty state-of-the-art machines. After casting, each individual element is inspected, tested, ground, polished and, if desired, painted and printed. And because the original is crucial for every vacuum-cast object, as 3D printing specialists we ensure ideal master models using the latest technologies and surface techniques.

Around 50 different materials - polyurethanes (PUR), PUR rubbers and silicones - allow hard, elastic, rubbery, food-safe, transparent, break-resistant, heat-resistant or flame-retardant parts. More hardness is provided by additives such as glass and carbon fibers or sand. Inserts such as sockets, plugs, magnets or sensors are just as possible as individual coloring, printing and painting in high-gloss or with special effects such as metallic. Refinements can be realized partially and thus enable components with several surfaces or colors. We align complete assemblies with each other until a perfect fit is achieved and, if desired, can also take care of assembly.

Startup advantage with added value

Vacuum casting at zu1 enables rapid product introduction with lead times of a few days to three weeks, depending on complexity. Functional parts with series properties form a bridge to series production and, with the gradual market launch, a competitive advantage. At the same time, the flexible manufacturing process allows corrections and design improvements in the pilot phase - at comparatively low initial costs and without tool development. For components with an annual demand of up to 1,000 units, vacuum casting has long been one of the most financially attractive offerings in plastics manufacturing. As a full-service provider, we are your competent and discreet partner from the 3D printed master model to the glamorous vacuum casting small series.

Together with our customers, we realize the full potential of vacuum casting. We succeed in this with housing parts for the medical technology products MAGNETOLITH or Monolith as well as with the complex multi-component parts for the crystallization measuring device MultiTherm. All three share the same high demands on appearance, gloss, smoothness and repeatability. For all three and many other projects, we have drawn up detailed catalogs of criteria for quality assurance purposes, manufactured special inspection gauges and refined each individual piece to perfection by hand.

Easy duplication in vacuum casting at a glance

  • Immediate realization of material-true series parts with low initial costs
  • Full-range supplier: Master pattern and series part from a single source
  • Fast and cost-efficient production of market-ready small series
  • Two-component parts made of hard and soft materials or material mix can be implemented
  • Variety of materials: hard, soft, transparent, clear, colored, biocompatible, food-safe, heat-resistant, flame-retardant, fracture-resistant and rubber parts
  • Surface types and finishes: Texture, high gloss, spray putty, varnish, printing, laser marking or hot foil stamping
  • Perfect, precision-fit finishing of all individual parts and assemblies by hand

… and in numbers

  • Up to 1,000 series parts from one silicone mold
  • Lead times: First components from approx. 5 working days
  • Maximum component size: 1000 x 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Maximum pouring quantity: 25,000 ml
  • Wall thicknesses from 0.5 mm (depending on size and geometry)
  • 50 different materials available
  • PUR components from 70 to 122 Shore-D
  • PUR rubber components from 30 to 90 Shore-A in 13 gradations
  • Silicone components from 00 to 65 Shore-A


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