1996: This is how it all began – brickwork and brewery tables characterized our workplace in the early days.
1996: Hannes Hämmerle producing his first prototype.
1997: Our first trade-fair appearance at Fakuma in Friedrichshafen (D).
2001: The first Customer Day in our company's history provided valuable insights.
2004: “Flying” model, made of ABS plastic using FDM technology in the “cavity wall” style.
2007: The Insider Day 2007 with a visit to the Bregenz Festival remains a highlight of our company's history.
2010: Heading to the moon with 1zu1! We are manufacturing a lunar mission design prototype.
2010: our new Prototype Center is ready!
2011: At first there were just two employees – by 2011 we had over 100.
2012: The new RP Center offers 700 sqm of space for our master-model technologies.
2013: The 1zu1 Technology Days ushered in a new era of customer information.
2013: Roboy visited 1zu1 Prototypes during our Customer Day in May 2013.



  • Completion of first construction phase
  • Awarded the "Salvus" gold health quality seal of the state of Vorarlberg for proactive measures on employee health
  • Annual sales 17m euros
  • 160 employees, including 27 apprentices


  • Start of renovation: 2500m² expansion of office and production space.
  • Multi-milllion investment in new machinery
  • 1zu1 wins German Brand Award for new corporate design
  • Annual sales 19m euros
  • 170 employees, including 30 apprentices


  • New corporate design: Prototypes becomes 1zu1
  • 1zu1 takes over business of bankrupt company W&W Plastic GmbH
  • 1zu1 is awarded "state-approved training company" status for its record on apprenticeship
  • Once again awarded the "Salvus" health quality seal (silver) of the state of Vorarlberg for proactive measures on employee health
  • Annual sales 18m euros
  • 170 employees, including 30 apprentices


  • 20th anniversary of 1zu1 Prototypes
  • Voted the best family business in Vorarlberg by the Austrian daily "Wirtschaftsblatt".
  • Annual sales 16.4m euros
  • 150 employees, including 30 apprentices


  • Awarded the "Salvus" health quality seal (silver) of the state of Vorarlberg for proactive measures on employee health
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Addition of a new production facility (injection molding)
  • Air conditioning installed throughout toolmaking and injection molding shops
  • Launch of prototype and series production (rapid manufacturing) with ultra-modern eDrive injection molding systems in cleanroom environment
  • Annual sales 15m euros
  • 143 employees


  • Receipt of "Hans-Huber-Stiftung" prize awarded in Vorarlberg and Switzerland for the promotion of young professionals
  • Expansion of business field Rapid Manufacturing to include jig components
  • Development of new special materials made from vacuum-cast PUR: 1zu1 materials offer better impact and flexural strength, are flame-retardant/self-extinguishing, guarantee heat resistance up to 150 / 200°C or have a higher translucence thanks to a light-scattering additive
  • Integration of a 2nd milling line in the computer-controlled 1zu1 milling center
  • Modernization of apprentice workshop: investment in the latest technologies and equipment for training young professionals in-house
  • Annual sales 13.8m euros


  • Annual sales 13.3m euros
  • Co-development and production of complete hardware for the humanoid robot "Roboy" (a project of Zürich University's Center for Artificial Intelligence)
  • Perspectives and insights at the "1zu1 Technology Days" on the topics of metal casting, rapid tooling, master models, vacuum casting and metrology
  • “Shaking hands with the future”: Customer Day in May 2013 with 250 participants
  • Honing and testing: the new material polypropylene is introduced in the laser sintering facility
  • 132 employees, including 26 apprentices


  • Winner of the "Trio of the Year" competition organized by the Trade & Crafts department of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the business magazine Trend (1st place)
  • 900 customers
  • Annual sales 13m euros
  • Pooling of all master model technologies in the ultra-modern, 700m2 RP-Center
  • Opening of a showroom for prototypes and models
  • Commissioning of a fully automatic CNC 5-axis milling machine with robot cell
  • Expansion of stereolithography portfolio to include two production lines and a 3D printer for high-precision burn-away parts for metal casting (3D systems)
  • 120 employees, including 26 apprentices
  • Expansion of training workshop: 2nd instructor (specializing in machining)


  • Winner of SME competition "Pillars of the Economy" organized by the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce and the newspaper Vorarlberger Nachrichten (1st place)
  • 850 customers
  • Annual sales 12m euros
  • 15th anniversary of company
  • New service: optimization of quality assurance via GOM metrology
  • Launch of production of food-grade prototypes (FDA certification)
  • Expansion of laser sintering department to include three new production lines
  • 100 employees, including 22 apprentices


  • Completion and occupation of extension: vacuum casting facility, sales offices and canteen occupying 2000m2
  • Expansion of production area to a total of 5,000m2
  • Annual sales 9.8m euros
  • The upgraded inquiry and ordering tool "1zu1 Configurator" goes online
  • "1,000 parts from one mold": revolutionary vacuum casting and molding technology allows the production of unlimited quantities of plastic parts from a single silicone mold (previously the limit ranged between 15 and 25 parts per mold depending on the material)
  • Technological innovations on the market: laser sintering with rubber; transparent stereolithography parts



  • Annual sales 7m euros
  • Acquisition of a second EOS-Formiga laser sintering line for small parts
  • New blasting technology in laser sintering department for even better cleaning of parts
  • Further expansion of training workshop, 6 new apprentices begin their training in the fall
  • 63 employees, including 15 apprentices



  • Occupation of new administrative building occupying 420m2
  • 500 customers
  • Annual sales 5.9m euros
  • 10 years
  • Commissioning of the first OBJET Eden 350V in Europe with a layer thickness of 0.016 mm
  • Acquisition of first injection molding machine
  • Launch of new rapid tooling
  • 48 employees


  • Annual sales 4.8m euros
  • Addition of two new employees to the sales team (total of six employees)
  • Opening of training workshop with instructors (total of 8 apprentices)
  • 38 employees



  • Annual sales 3.5m euros
  • Installation of a new master model technology: SLS - Selective Laser Sintering (EOS P380)
  • Production of prototype models in polyamide and polystyrene
  • Expansion of production area to a total of 2,000m2
  • RIM - Reaction Injection Molding: low-pressure injection in silicone molds under vacuum
  • Installation of "Configurator"
  • 24 employees


  • Name change and redesign of corporate identity: 1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG
  • Sales 3m euros
  • Production of first magnesium prototypes


  • Occupation of new 420m2 production facility for metal prototypes
  • 5th anniversary of company
  • "1st Customer Day"
  • Annual sales 3m euros
  • Installation of a new master model technology: FDM - Fused Deposition Modelling (Stratasys FDM Maxum), first production line in Austria or Switzerland
  • 17 employees


  • Annual sales 2.6m euros
  • Introduction of production process "Milled Prototypes" with 5-axis milling
  • Installation of an automatic warehouse for prototypes and molds
  • Award "Best apprentice of a Vorarlberg plastics processor"
  • 15 employees


  • Service to the industry and corporate success rewarded with the "Vorarlberg Business Oscar" (best company up to a workforce of 50)
  • Annual sales 1.8m euros
  • First sales representative
  • Total of 8 employees


  • Sales 1.4m euros
  • Expansion of portfolio to include rapid prototyping, metal prototyping and metal casting
  • Commencement of apprentice training (plastics processor)
  • 6 employees


  • Annual sales 900,000 euros
  • Installation of administration software "Intersoft"
  • First trade fair appearance at Fakuma, Friedrichshafen (D).
  • 4 employees


  • Company founded by Hannes Hämmerle and Wolfgang Humml. Initial workforce consists of two toolmakers.
  • Services offered: vacuum casting of plastic parts and consulting
  • Annual sales 300,000 euros