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Swedish Prototal Group acquires 1zu1 in Dornbirn

On November 17, 2021, we took a major step towards securing a successful future for our company. The Swedish Prototal Group has become the new owner of 1zu1. This is a huge opportunity for the company and for every employee. For you as a customer, this means access to a growing range of processes and materials and the reassurance of the highest level of continuity: 1zu1 will continue to operate as an independent company, all your customer service contacts at the company will remain the same.

The two of us, Wolfgang Humml and Hannes Hämmerle, founded our company in a shell of a building 25 years ago. Our strong team now boasts 160 employees. Together, we have made 1zu1 one of the leading providers of 3D printing, rapid tooling and additive manufacturing in the German-speaking region. Now, as shareholders and managing directors of the company, we have set the course for our succession in good time before we retire in a few years.

Leading in Europe. Prototal Industries is the largest supplier of additive manufacturing in Scandinavia and operates in the same areas of business as 1zu1. Its positioning as technology leader in the respective market is also identical. With the financial power of Ikea in the background, the group of currently eight companies is expanding dynamically. Its vision is clear: to become Europe's leading supplier in additive manufacturing with plastics in series production.

Extended range. 1zu1 will play an important role in this expansion. You as a customer will benefit from expanded capacities in the medium term. As part of the group, we will be able to offer you additional materials and processes in the future that we have not used before.

High degree of continuity. At the same time, the structure allows us to maintain Prototal Group continuity in our business: both of us, Wolfgang Humml and Hannes Hämmerle, will remain managing directors. Your customer service contacts will remain the same, there are no restructurings in the company or changes to our range of services. It goes without saying that all existing contractual agreements will also remain in place – including all agreements on confidentiality.

Confidentiality guaranteed. Confidentiality has played a crucial role at 1zu1 for 25 years. It is important for 1zu1 to communicate that nothing confidential has been shared with Prototal Industries. This will only happen in the future if our 1zu1 partners provide their written approval. You can be assured that we will do our utmost to protect your data and information. 

The bottom line is that everything stays as it is. Better still – our range is set to expand through our partnership with the Prototal Group. We look forward to a successful future working together with you!

The media information with some supplementary details (in german) can be found here.