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Successful Technology Days

On the trail of metal casting!

Precision casting technology

In the 1zu1 metal-casting workshop, we had the opportunity to really show our customers what we can do. The main benefit of our favorite method – the vacuum differential pressure process – is time savings, as castings can be produced in just two weeks. The prototypes are cast into ceramic cuvettes. If smaller quantities are required (less than 15), this technique can be used to produce the most precise cast components (linear tolerance VDG P690 A3).

Casting under vacuum into ceramic cuvettes enables us to produce very thin-walled components with long flow paths. For example, a wire with a diameter of 1 mm can be cast in a length of 100 mm. This is particularly useful for the production of very thin and delicate components – which can be cast without problems at 1zu1 Prototypes.

In any case, our workshop certainly left a lasting impression on the visitors. Every technology at 1zu1 Prototypes offers its own unique advantages. In the case of metal casting, these are cost and time savings as well as precise, small and very fine components.

Take advantage of our expertise and ensure you receive perfect metal castings – just send your inquiry directly to our Sales team. They will be happy to assist you!