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OBJET 350V, 3D-printing technology

State-of-the-art Polyjet printing technology is now available at 1zu1! Construction layers with a thickness of just 0.016 mm and a 600-dpi resolution in X/Y guarantee optimum conditions for vacuum casting in plastic!

The brand new OBJET 350V can build models with a layer thickness of 0.016 mm and an X/Y resolution of 600 dpi. This ensures fine detail and minimal deviations from the target geometry.

Construction dimensions of the machine: 350x350x200mm
“VeroBlue“ acrylate photopolymer

Currently this is the standard material that we have tested for ongoing use in our vacuum-cast master models. This material is characterized by its excellent reproduction accuracy and grinding/polishing capability, and a high elongation at break of 15–25%.

Further information is available here
or from your 1zu1 Prototypes representative, who will be happy to advise you.