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Nine apprentices start their careers at 1zu1 Prototypes

“Our search for apprentices was very successful this year,” says Managing Director Hannes Hämmerle. “However, it was evident that there are many other good employers in the Dornbirn area who are also involved in apprentice training”.

Careers are changing – motivating girls 

Nine young people started their training at the beginning of the month: Four boys are completing their apprenticeship as plastic molders and technicians, four more are training as metalworking technicians, and one girl will start an apprenticeship as an office administrator.

Hämmerle regrets that this year saw a decrease in the proportion of female applicants: “Hardly any girls have applied for our technical professions.” In the future, the company hopes to inspire more girls to learn technical trades. “The opportunity to experience life at 1zu1 Prototypes should be seized by more young women. After all, the prospects in technical professions are many times better than those in other areas, both during and after training,” emphasizes Hämmerle.

Good learning and working environment

In order to ensure the best possible training for its apprentices, the company’s training workshop has been modernized several times in recent years. “All apprentices work with the latest technologies in plastics and metal processing,” explains Daniel Schäffler, head of the training workshop. “They work on the same machines that we use for the final exam.”

In order to provide its young trainees with the best possible support, 1zu1 Prototypes offers them paid study time. “Our cutting-machine operators are allowed to study for the vocational school every Friday morning in the first year of training,” says Schäffler. This offer is gladly taken up by the apprentices. Thanks to a bonus system, the apprentices can also earn up to 20 percent more. “It's very important to us to provide our employees with a good and exciting working environment. Our aim is to keep them with us after their training.” If the apprentices put in the effort, nothing stands between them and a career at the company.

The high-tech company also offers a wide range of leisure activities. From running and mountain biking to back training, the apprentices can take advantage of a wide range of leisure activities. However, Hannes Hämmerle also attaches great importance to conveying the importance of a healthy diet. “We serve healthy food in our canteen and also provide free fruit for our staff.”

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[Translate to English:] Die neuen Lehrlinge mit ihren Ausbildern Mario Godec, Sarah Gindelhumer und Daniel Schäffler
[Translate to English:] Die neuen Lehrlinge mit ihren Ausbildern Mario Godec, Sarah Gindelhumer und Daniel Schäffler