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New: SLS laser sintering system P380

with detailed resolution for the finest details. Now available at 1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co – in-house polyamide prototypes.

with high resolution for the finest details.

In May 2003 1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co installed an additional high-tech system on its own premises. This brand new EOS P380 laser sintering system, with the latest software for accurate detail resolution, means we can now guarantee the best possible availability for polyamide prototype parts.
Construction dimensions of the machine: 350x350x620mm
Polyamide fine nylon Pa-2200

Used for mechanically resilient functional prototypes without special surface requirements. The models are supplied in white with a fine-grained, sand-blasted surface. The average lead time is 4 to 5 working days.
Polystyrol Primecast 100 material

This is used for “lost models” with the vacuum differential pressure method or investment casting. This allows models to be produced in various metal alloys (aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.), with any degree of complexity.
More information

can be obtained from our Sales team or your designated contact at 1zu1 Prototypes.