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New apprentices for new apprenticeship workshop
Start to work for two girls and five boys at 1zu1

Three prospective machining and four plastics technicians, including one technician each, had their debut last week at the high-tech company 1zu1. They started their training in a completely new teaching workshop.

As in the previous year, about 100 applications were received at 1zu1. Nearly 40 young people had created workpieces during a "taster" in the spring, completed a test and informed themselves about the content of the course and the prospects for the future. Corona due to the lockdown at the beginning of May there were also additional days with mask. However, a plan apprenticeship could not be filled. Eventually, on, the 1st of September, seven young specialists completed their first day of apprenticeship, including two girls. " I am fascinated by metal", enthuses 15-year-old Antonia. " I chose 1zu1 because I felt very welcome to try it out", says the passionate show jumper.

New training workshop

The apprentices spend the first weeks in the training workshop with files and fairs. They are supervised by training manager Daniel Schäffler, who supports them in the first two years of training: "Through the conversion, we have got a completely new training workshop, which is obviously fun for the newcomers", he is pleased.

In the second week, the introductory day at the Eurocamp at Zanzenberg was on the agenda. Apprentices and trainers exchanged expectations and practiced team building, but this year with a little more distance. Afterwards it goes back to the training workshop for milling, drilling and thread cutting. Three modern milling and turning machines are available for training. CNC training has recently been used in conjunction with production so that apprentices can learn how to use the equipment in exchange with journeymen.

“Rotation” by all departments

After basic training in the first year of the apprenticeship, the prospective specialists pass through all departments, from 3D printing to plastic vacuum and injection molding to mechanical production using CNC technology. Trainers Julian Spiegel, 25, is responsible for training in the third and fourth year of apprenticeship. The young people are also encouraged in their personal development and pampered with healthy nutrition in order to be not only professional but also physically fit for the future.

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