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Eight new apprentices at 1zu1

Eight young people have started their apprenticeships at 1zu1 Prototypes. Four are training as cutting machine operators, the others as plastics technicians. Both groups include one female apprentice.

For years, 1zu1 Prototypes has been specifically recruiting female trainees for its technical professions. Our experiences have been positive: “The girls are a great addition to the company, both personally and professionally,” says Daniel Schäffler, head of apprentice training.

The company’s efforts this year again proved successful: One young woman has started training as a plastics technician, another as a machining technician. There are also three male apprentices in each profession. Daniel Schäffler is satisfied: “I'm delighted to welcome eight young people with great potential to our team.

This year, a total of 50 applicants experienced a taster day at the Dornbirn-based high-tech company, during which they created workpieces, took a written test and found out about the training content and future opportunities.

Excellent academic performance

The Dornbirn-based company now has 28 young people in training, including four young women. According to trainer Mario Godec, they are performing well academically: “Almost all of them achieved good or excellent grades in the 2016/17 academic year. Three machining technicians completed their apprenticeships as early as March – two with good grades and one with a distinction. Three plastics technicians and one plastics molder will also graduate soon. 1zu1 Prototypes is an “excellent training company”. To ensure optimal training conditions, the company continuously invests in its training workshop. Three modern milling and CNC machines are available for training purposes. During their training, however, the apprentices also work in all departments at the company. In addition to their technical training, the youngsters are also supported in their personal development. The even includes a healthy diet – to ensure both their fitness for work and their general good health.


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