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1zu1 Prototypes offers innovative materials for vacuum casting

Heat-resistant, flame-retardant and shatter-proof plastics – and now also with light-diffusing properties

After months of laboratory tests, the Dornbirn-based high-tech company is now offering new materials for vacuum casting, which enable the construction of prototypes and small series with special requirements.
“With the new plastics we are getting even closer to our company motto '1-to-1 to the original'”, says Sales Director Thomas Kohler. This is because our prototypes must not only correspond to the subsequent end product in terms of their shape, color and surface quality. In some cases, functional prototypes must also have special properties, such as low deformation due to heat or high breaking strength.

Technology leader in Europe

Kohler is particularly proud of the company’s new diffuser additive for transparent or colored polyurethane. Point-shaped light sources thus appear diffuse and are converted into scattered light, which, for example, is useful for products developed by luminaire manufacturers. Kohler sees this new product as “a unique selling point, at least in European prototype construction”.
The proprietary “091” material developed by 1zu1 complies with the strictest standard for flame-retardant materials, UL-94 V0, and is also FAR25-certified. The polyurethane extinguishes automatically as soon as the fire source is removed. The materials “150” and “200”, which are used by 1zu1 Prototypes, are exceptionally heat-resistant. They retain their shape at up to 150 or 200 degrees Celsius and thus far surpass all PU materials used to date. The 1zu1 material “093” meets the highest demands in terms of impact and breaking strength. It is therefore suitable for drop tests, among other things, and allows conclusions to be drawn about the durability of the original material that will subsequently be used.

Customer requirements met in full

In total, over 50 standard polyurethane materials are available for vacuum casting at 1zu1 Prototypes. “Our commitment is clear: Extraordinary requirements require extraordinary solutions,” emphasizes 1zu1 Prototype's Sales Director. “We provide our customers with far more than a standard service.”

[Translate to English:] Standbild aus dem "Bruchtest" Video
[Translate to English:] Standbild aus dem "Bruchtest" Video