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2–16 October 2021, Fakuma – Trade fair for the plastics processing industry

Explore completely new application areas for additive manufacturing / 3D printing. Visit the 1zu1 booth (5112 in Hall 5) to experience 3D printing with unprecedented precision. And at speeds that – for the first time – make this technology economically viable for series production.

14.–15. September 2021, AM Expo and Swiss Medtech Expo in Luzern

Make up the ground again! After one and a half years of working under difficult conditions, the time is ripe for “High Precision. Quick Solutions. ” This is the motto of our trade fair appearance at AM Expo and Swiss Medtech Expo from 14 to 15 September in Lucerne. In the baggage: revolutionary 3D printing technologies for cost-effective series production and in vitro diagnostics.

This is a world first – Lasersintern in Fine Detail Resolution (FDR)

Tiny details make a big difference. Fine Detail Resolution (FDR) sintering technology from EOS enables extremely intricate structures with highly refined surfaces. Even on stable components with a minimum wall thickness of around 0.22mm. This is a world first – 1zu1 is pioneering the use of this brand new technology.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Additively manufactured component for a 5D cinema

Additive manufacturing is on the path to success

Additive manufacturing provides a direct link between the developer's desk and the production line.

COVID-19: 1zu1 – your stability in difficult times

COVID-19 raises many questions. Economic, legal but also social. We are convinced that proactive communication and transparency help to create clarity.We would like to inform you about the possibilities that affect your cooperation with 1zu1.

One third of 1zu1’s new apprentices are female

Nine young people have started their professional careers at the Vorarlberg-based high-tech company 1zu1 – three prospective machining technicians, five plastics technicians and one office clerk had their first day of training on Monday. It is pleasing to note that one third of the newcomers are women.

We love productive discussions!

Let us show you the best technologies. Variety is the key – from 3D printing to vacuum casting and rapid tooling. Besides extensive shop talk, there is always time for a little “philosophizing”.

A master class in polypropylene

Polypropylene at its best – 1zu1 experimented until we found the best polypropylene for our purposes.


Brush your teeth in ten seconds. 1zu1 supported Amabrush with a wide repertoire of possibilities, materials and manufacturing techniques.

Thinking in 3D

Facing problems that can’t be solved with conventional production methods? Time to think in terms of 3D printing. Perfect results with high repeat accuracy.

Revolution or evolution?

Can HP keep its ambitious promises? In recent weeks we pitted our brand-new HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 against a new EOS P110 Velocis ...

1zu1 adds 2500 square meters of office and production space

Six million euros invested – 30 new jobs – new machinery.

[Translate to English:] Neueste SLS-Anlagen: 3D-Druck geht in Serie

Additive manufacturing:

3D printing is clearly making inroads. Innovations are being announced at ever shorter intervals. 1zu1 is always up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Eight new apprentices at 1zu1

As in the previous year, eight young people have started their careers at the Vorarlberg-based high-tech company 1zu1. Four prospective machining technicians and four plastics technicians, including one female in each group, started their training in early September.

The fascination of color:

While painting is good, heatset impregnation in the desired color is even better. A new dyeing plant for additively produced models has opened up new and previously unheard-of possibilities.

1zu1 wins the German Brand Award

The new 1zu1 brand identity emerged as a “winner” of the German Brand Award. At the end of last year, the advertising agency Sägenvier had fundamentally revised the corporate design of the Dornbirn-based high-tech company.

[Translate to English:] SLS Staubsaugerdüse

Excellence offensive in laser sintering / 3D printing

As a company, we naturally prefer to keep moving forward rather than resting on our laurels. For example with our “excellence offensive”. In selective laser sintering, this brings the following benefits for you ...

[Translate to English:] 1zu1 Reinraum-Teil für medizinische Diagnostik

The key:

For the production of an analyzer to test diagnostic samples for viruses and bacteria within just a few minutes, we pushed the limits of what was possible.

1zu1 Prototypes is a state-approved training company

The Ministry of Economics has honored 1zu1 Prototypes for its achievements in apprentice training. As a reward for its work with young talent, the Vorarlberg-based company will in future be permitted to use the Austrian national coat of arms.

1zu1 service: printing, laser and hot-foil stamping

The surface finish as a competitive advantage. The sale of products increasingly depends on the “look & feel” factor. We now offer extensive finishing expertise for plastics and metal. This means that we are now also at your disposal as a service partner for all kinds of printing (plastic, metal, etc.).

[Translate to English:] Operation: Kunststoff-Auge

A smash hit with medical professionals

1zu1 loves tricky projects, such as an artificial eye to be used as a training tool for medical professionals. A highly complex undertaking – 3D printing, vacuum casting and injection molding with various plastics have made an unusual product possible.

Eight new apprentices at 1zu1

Eight young people have started their apprenticeships at 1zu1 Prototypes. Four are training as cutting machine operators, the others as plastics technicians. Both groups include one female apprentice.

1zu1 Prototypes will take over the business of the bankrupt company W&W Plastic GmbH

As of 1 September, 1zu1 Prototypes will take over the business of W&W Plastic GmbH, which filed for bankruptcy on Monday. Production will continue at the existing premises of W&W Plastic GmbH in Dornbirn. The company’s twelve employees will be given the opportunity to move to 1zu1 Prototypes. The company’s machines and warehouses will be purchased by 1zu1.

Elastic and flexible:

We constantly test, improve and develop our materials – which means our customers are always up-to-date with all the latest developments. Vacuum casting with silicone or rubber shortens time-to-market cycles and increases the scope of applications.

Excellence: additive manufacturing quality certificate

EOS, the world leader in additive manufacturing technology, and TÜV SÜD, an international German testing and certification company, awarded 1zu1 the coveted AMQ seal in February – an award with tangible benefits for our customers.