Our Rapid Tooling parts are manufactured via an injection-molding process. In our injection-molding machines, the desired material is liquefied and injected into a mold under pressure. We produce prototypes in the original material as well as series parts in lots of up to 50,000 units – or more.

Our injection-molding machines generate clamping forces ranging from 40 to 100 metric tons. We use our Rapid Tooling molds to manufacture injection-molded parts. This high-quality, reliable process allows an almost infinite choice of shapes and surface textures.

We also have special Arburg machines that can be swiveled. With the injection-molding machine in a vertical position, a wide variety of parts can be simply inserted into the mold and overmolded. This makes it possible, for example, to overmold cables, manufacture connector parts with insert pins or injection mold multi-component parts.

We have a wide variety of plastic materials in stock and, if necessary, can order in the desired plastic. Since 2015 our injection-molding shop has also been fully air-conditioned and, in 2016, we also began manufacturing products in ISO Class 8 cleanroom quality. Sterile products are increasingly in demand in innovative industries such as microelectronics, medical technology, life sciences and also among other manufacturers.

Inspection and measurement of the components using GOM - 3D Scan and GOM measurement technology is also possible.

Always one step ahead

Our combination of prototypes for product development, functional prototypes or series, short production and delivery times, manageable costs and top quality gives you a decisive edge during testing or market launch of your products. Through our injection-molding processes we constantly strive for the best quality, efficiency and economy.

1zu1 plastic injection molding
Not just prototypes, but also small and pilot series of up to 50,000 pieces (and more) are possible.
Bobbin case for BERNINA high-end sewing machine
Rapid-tooling injection-molded part for the bobbin case of the BERNINA 780
High-end injection molding in the cleanroom for real-time in-vitro diagnosis.
High-end injection molding for real-time in-vitro diagnostics: 2-component part with channels with a cross-section of less than 1 mm.
Plastic injection molding – Arburg machines with strong clamping forces.
Thriving under pressure – Arburg machines with high clamping forces.
ODU prototype connector/automatically falling injection-molded part