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An exciting world of new possibilities

Prototyping and production of 3D designed plastic parts – this is the world in which we, 1zu1, feel at home. Our services as a 3D printing service provider: consulting, supporting designers, refining, manufacturing. We are one of the leading companies for prototyping, 3D printing and pre-series production in plastics in Europe.

Customer Stories

3D printed helpers for the “digital factory”

The Zumtobel Group, an international lighting solutions company, recently began using a state-of-the-art production control system to manufacture its LED luminaires. As 3D printing specialists, 1zu1 helped Zumtobel maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of its manufacturing processes via cleverly designed mounts for the readers and scanners that were installed at more than 150 workstations.

Customer Stories

The perfect assistant for sweet delights

The finest cocoa butter is the basis of good chocolate. The MultiTherm, a device developed by the Bühler technology group in Switzerland, measures the crystallization properties of this valuable raw material and thus guarantees the very highest quality. A suitable housing for this exclusive technological marvel is created by 1zu1 as a series product using vacuum casting.

Customer Stories


Der 3D-Drucker macht Musik zum Angreifen

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Robust 3D printed elements for field tests

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Customer Stories


Maximum precision for rapid diagnosis

Das Bild zeigt einen schwarzen Distanzmesser aus Kunststoff des Münchner Start-up Sentrity. Dabei wir der Abstand mittels Laser auf dem Boden projiziert und so eine Sicherheit der Einhaltung gewährt.
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Faster to a safe distance

finished black-orange-turquoise cordless grass and shrub shears from Gardena
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Rapid relaunch of a design icon – thanks to 3D printing with top-class optics

Employee holds the vacuum cast Amabrush, which has bristles in a semicircle
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Vacuum casting to the extremes

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3D printing turns a blowgun into a vacuum cleaner

[Translate to English:] Biocase: Kleinserie aus Originalwerkstoff
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Injection molding – now in bio

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Weidmann Medical Technology AG

High-end injection molding in the cleanroom for real-time in-vitro diagnosis.

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Pre-series production with Alutools - injection molding as fast as possible

[Translate to English:] Operation Kunststoff-Auge
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Operation Plastic Eye

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poolbar product design workshop

New opportunities with additive manufacturing

black leather cinema seats with fog coming out from below
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Kraftwerk Living Technologies

Additive experience, additive manufacturing

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Elegant writing instruments for the premium brand

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Customer Stories

ETH Zurich

Hugely overvalued and yet underestimated – additive manufacturing

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Austrian national luge team

In search of thousandths of a second

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Artificial intelligence laboratory, University of Zurich

Hello, my name is Roboy

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Andy Holzer

Climbing in Laserz is like coming home

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The Technical University of Munich and awtec

ECCEROBOT, the first of its kind

transparent silicone forms
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Zumtobel AG

Reality check – measuring objects in 3D

Leica Microsystem, microscope in black and white
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Leica Microsystems

The best stereomicroscope in the world

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Part-Time Scientists

The lunar mission

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