When two well-known players give you a pat on the back, you know you've done a good job. That's just what happened to us recently: in February, EOS, the world leader in additive manufacturing technology for laser sintering applications, and TÜV SÜD, an international German testing and certification company, awarded 1zu1 the coveted AMQ seal, making it only the fourth company in the world to receive the honor. A distinction with tangible benefits for our customers.

Top performance for discerning customers

Gregor Reischle, Additive Manufacturing Consultant at EOS (center) presents the AMQ certificate to Markus Schrittwieser (Head of Additive Manufacturing, left) and Wolfgang Humml (Managing Director, right) of 1zu1 Prototypes

Additive manufacturing for series parts is a rapidly growing trend. In order to be able to offer our customers top quality standards, we participated in the EOS/TÜV SÜD certification scheme and passed with flying colors. A total of 200 quality-related process parameters in plasticlaser sintering were analyzed and compared with the strictly defined AMQ standards.

Fabian Krauß, Business Development Manager at EOS

"We are very proud to award the AMQ seal to 1zu1 Prototypes. The components made by 1zu1 meet the extremely high quality standards that are essential for well-functioning end products and that companies are entitled to expect from EOS solutions. 1zu1 Prototypes is a great advert for additive manufacturing."

Fabian Krauß, Business Development Manager at EOS

Going forward, 1zu1 and EOS plan to intensify their information sharing in terms of technology and know-how. A partnership with a clear goal: to ensure that our production performance is always one jump ahead of customer requirements.

Made by 1zu1

Additive experience, additively manufactured – 1zu1's outstanding additive-manufacturing expertise is now concealed inside the seats of the world's largest 5D cinema near Hong Kong.

What the AMQ quality seal means for customers:

  • Certified optimum component quality
  • Consistently reproducible parts
  • Reliable and efficient production
  • Transparent, monitored manufacturing processes
  • Trained, customer-oriented AM project consultants focused on your needs
  • Trained and experienced systems engineers
  • End-to-end production management

"We are witnessing a rapid rise in series applications in which additive manufacturing plays a key role, accompanied by the demand for a reliable and efficient supply chain for additively manufactured parts. Here too, the work of 1zu1 Prototypes is key - another important reason for awarding it the AMQ seal."

Fabian Krauß, Business Development Manager at EOS

3D printing is the future. It allows a design-driven manufacturing process, complex structures, optimized and integrated functions, individualized products - even in series production - and small quantities at a reasonable cost, right down to single-unit batches.

1zu1 offers you new - and now certified - opportunities in series production. Why not make an appointment with your personal 1zu1 consultant and judge for yourself?

AM gives product designers limitless possibilities and freedom, because their ideas can take shape in any three-dimensional geometry. It is also being described as a “design-driven manufacturing process”. Turning objects into data.
1zu1 manufactured a crucial component for the world's largest 5D cinema in China – the outlet nozzle for the fragrances and water vapor, which is integrated into the cinema seats.