COVID-19 raises many questions. Economic, legal but also social. We are convinced that proactive communication and transparency help to create clarity.

With this letter we would like to inform you about the possibilities that affect your cooperation with 1zu1.

The most important messages: We are and will continue to be there for you. With 1zu1 you benefit from a reliable and responsive European partner, especially in difficult times. And: We support projects related to COVID-19 with special conditions.

The corona pandemic has also led to a “new normal state” for us: some work in the home office, but production runs to the extent that orders arrive at 1zu1 in this economically difficult time. The short-time working model that is possible in Austria and which we have also registered since April 1st allows, depending on the order situation, between 10 and 90 percent work capacity to be available very flexibly. We have replenished our material stores in the past few weeks. Almost all required materials are available in-house. We can therefore work for you without restriction.

The current situation

In the workshops, our employees protect themselves by sufficient distance, mouth protection and other agreed hygiene measures. The good news: We are available by phone or e-mail, we can hold meetings by video conference and nothing has changed in our fast response times. This means that we will continue to advise you comprehensively and implement your projects with the highest precision as usual. Nothing stands in the way of delivering your order. For COVID-19 projects we grant special conditions regarding price and delivery date. Here we are also partially supported by material suppliers (e.g. EOS). Such projects are currently underway in 3D printing, tool making and injection molding. Contact us if you are planning such projects (protective equipment, test equipment, etc.). We secured ourselves financially in advance through a good equity structure, which is now additionally securing the future through loans that have already been granted. With us you therefore have a reliable and long-term partner. Some of our customers recognize that it is worthwhile to carry out their projects regionally in Europe. Perhaps this is also an issue for you? We are and will be there for you - personally available, close to the customer, with the fastest possible responsiveness. Today and tomorrow, according to COVID-19. You can rely on us and put your trust in our performance.

A daring look into the future

3D printing has proven in a very short time that innovative materials and fast turnaround time can be helpful even in this difficult situation. Additive manufacturing has the potential to quickly and precisely convert new urgently required solutions into concrete components: without tools, from single parts to small series. We presented examples - even before the lockdown - in Berlin.

Let's seize the opportunity together: Please contact our sales staff or use our online tool 1zu1direkt for inquiries and orders around the clock.

We ourselves see the chances of our offered technologies for the future as positive as never before. 3D printing is on everyone's lips now at the latest, and the possibilities of using it to quickly create new products are becoming more and more familiar. This is supported by our lateral thinking, in which we combine classic technologies of tool making and injection moulding or vacuum casting with the time requirements of the customer, which we know from prototyping.

We hope you can share our optimism a little bit. We will be glad to be there for you and we will do our best for you and your projects.


Good luck to you and your company, stay healthy!

With kind regards