Everyone's talking about Additive Manufacturing (AM) these days. While others are still sweating over the theory, we're already putting it into practice! Read all about our company.

AM is replacing injection molding
A startling statistic

AM components
AM components

Our annual production with AM has leapt in no time from a small number of articles  to quantities of 20,000 (per article and order) . In the blink of an eye, we have made series production a reality. And it's even more exciting when AM-optimized design helps to cut out processing operations and hence save costs.
But that's not all: with the next generation of production lines (announced by EOS - see formnext) quantities of 100,000 or more will become economically feasible if functions can be integrated thanks to perfect AM design. This short-term possibility is comparable with injection-molded in terms of quantity, but hugely time-saving and flexible when it comes to design modifications.

The optimum technology
The best candidate

Multi Jet Fusion: for smaller components in large quantities.
Multi Jet Fusion: for smaller components in large quantities.

A year ago, we put the new HP system with Multi Jet Fusion into operation. It was soon clear to us that - as with all technologies -it takes a sound field knowledge of MJF to produce parts that meet our standards.

There are differences between the two techniques. In a direct comparison with SLS we find that surface quality, detail images and colors are criteria that need to be considered. Where the HP technology does have a clear advantage is on price. Once again, it all depends on the quantity of parts required by the customer. That's where we come in, with reliable advice on the best technology to choose.