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Stronger. Smaller. Smoother.
World-firsts in 3D printing, powered by 1zu1

1zu1 is a technology leader among 3D printing service providers. We have expanded our range of services by investing millions of euros in laser sintering technology. This has greatly expanded our capacity and enables us to take your product…

COVID-19: 1zu1 – your stability in difficult times

COVID-19 raises many questions. Economic, legal but also social. We are convinced that proactive communication and transparency help to create clarity.

Additive manufacturing is on the path to success
AM applications with added value

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is on everyone’s lips. But while others are still thinking about it, we're already on the case! Read all about our company.

The closest thing to series production!
3D printing with original materials

There are plenty of promising series-quality materials for 3D printing, but for us, it's only the hard facts that count.

An idea becomes reality:
Vacuum casting revolutionizes dental hygiene!

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious – a device to brush your teeth in ten seconds flat. The startup Amabrush attracted millions in crowdfunding for its initiative. And 1zu1 was on hand to help put it into practice.

Thinking in 3D
Inspiring customers with additive manufacturing

3D printing solves problems beyond the reach of conventional production methods. It is ideal for housings with internal channels and screw threads.

Revolution or evolution?
Multi Jet Fusion versus selective laser sintering

Revolution or evolution? Can HP keep its ambitious promises?

Additive manufacturing:
Series 3D printing

3D printing is clearly making inroads. Innovations are being announced at ever shorter intervals. And 1zu1 is at the cutting edge of every new advance...

The fascination of color:
Dyeing and finishing SLS parts

Because the eye always plays a part in our decisions, color is a key success factor in product design. Previously, the "only" way of coloring our laser-sintered parts was to paint them. Now, a new coloring system has opened up new and unprecedented…

Excellence drive in laser sintering / 3D printing
Even better components, with no additional time or costs

As a company, we naturally prefer to keep moving forward rather than resting on our laurels. For example with our "excellence drive". In selective laser sintering, this brings the following benefits for you ...

The ultimate highlight:
High-end injection molding in the cleanroom for real-time in-vitro diagnosis.

For the production of an analyzer to test diagnostic samples for viruses and bacteria within just a few minutes, we pushed the limits of what was possible.

New corporate design
1zu1 service: printing, laser and hot-foil stamping

You are warmly invited to our booth at the FAKUMA show. Why not pop along- whether to talk shop over a glass of wine, or simply to cement our successful business relationship? 1zu1 Prototypes at FAKUMA, Friedrichshafen from 17 to 21 October 2017…

A hit with medical professionals
Artificial eye based on 1zu1’s extensive know-how

1zu1 loves a challenge! An artificial eye as a training tool for medical professionals. The complexity of the project was undeniable. A combination of 3D printing, vacuum casting and injection molding with various plastics have made an unusual…

Additive Manufacturing Quality certification

In February, EOS, the world leader in additive manufacturing technology, and TÜV SÜD, an international German testing and certification company, awarded 1zu1 the coveted AMQ seal. A distinction with tangible benefits for our customers.

Elastic and flexible:
Silicone or rubber components

We constantly test, improve and develop our materials – which means our customers are always up-to-date with all the latest developments. Vacuum casting with silicone or rubber shortens time-to-market cycles and increases the scope of applications.

premium injection molding at 1zu1

In-house injection molding: premium quality, modular tools, original materials, manageable costs and short lead times.

Ordering prototypes online

Whether you want to place an order, replenish your supplies or make an inquiry, you can do it all easily and conveniently round the clock. Bits and bytes galore at your fingertips.