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The ultimate highlightHigh-end injection molding in the cleanroom for real-time in-vitro diagnosis.

For the production of an analyzer to test diagnostic samples for viruses and bacteria within just a few minutes, we pushed the limits of what was possible.

9. August 2017

Daniel Quidiello, Senior Project Manager at the Swiss company Weidmann Medical Technology AG, came to us with a real challenge: to produce an analyzer that would allow diagnostic samples to be tested for viruses and bacteria directly at the surgery or hospital in a matter of minutes. The aim was to deliver real-time results without having to go through the laboratory. It was a challenge that saw us push the boundaries of the possible.

Diagnosis in real time

The analyzer radically shortens the diagnosis time: previously, physicians had to send samples to the laboratory and wait days for the results. With the Weidmann diagnostic device, blood, saliva or plasma samples can be analyzed on the spot (up to a total of 22 pathogens). According to Daniel Quidiello: „This allows a quick and precise diagnosis of diseases such as meningitis or influenza directly at the point of care.“ The heart of the new device is a cartridge consisting of 12 components, approx. 5 inches in length, with multiple chambers for liquids.

Step by step to perfect results

The technical functions were tested in just two prototype phases. By the third phase, we were ready to move on to medical aspects. The project called for intricate details in two-component injection-molded, cleanroom quality, the production of 20,000 units from one aluminum tool and precision to within a hundredth of a millimeter.

We kicked off with the first nine injection-molding tools, which we produced in six weeks. The aluminum tools have a modular design, can be produced quickly and to a high standard of precision, and are readily adaptable to new advances.

„One of the biggest challenges in this high-end project was all the various specifications. Every requirement was a bit more demanding than usual,“

Pushing the boundaries in injection molding

Producing the required intricate structures took all our skill and know-how. Inside the cartridge, fluids are transported and blended, with some channels having a cross-section of less than a millimeter. And the tiny valves need to be both moveable and absolutely tight. Burrs or webs have to be limited to within a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Germ- and bacteria-free cleanroom environment

The subsequent production process in the 1zu1 ISO Class 8 cleanroom served to prevent foreign DNA from getting into the fluid chambers of the analyzer. Transferringthe two-component injection-molded parts manually between the machines was a particularly delicate operation. According to Wolfgang Spiegel, „Any manual intervention naturally involves a risk of contamination, but we overcame that obstacle as well“.

„The user-friendly, simple and elegant design makes the analyzer a real eye-catcher. The whole project was informed by open exchange, innovative thinking, precision and quality.“

Due to the high stability of the tools, Weidmann was even able to dispense with the pre-production tools. And our expertise in materials and surfaces also came into its own in terms of the design. For Daniel Quidiello, the collaboration with 1zu1 could not have gone better. Our technological excellence has put us in a leading position throughout Europe. Why not make an appointment with your personal 1zu1 consultant and judge for yourself?


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