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Bobbin for sewing machine in black made by means of the latest injection molding technology

Series-readypremium injection molding at 1zu1

In-house injection molding: premium quality, modular tools, original materials, manageable costs and short lead times.

7. May 2017

When BERNINA, the Swiss innovation and quality leader in sewing and embroidery machines for the home, came to us with a prototype request for a new and innovative bobbin case, we were initially lost for words. The new product has 70% more capacity, rotates at 1,000 rpm, has a diameter of 30 millimeters and a wall thickness of less than 0.5 millimeter at the thinnest point. So we rolled up our sleeves – and delivered the series solution in four weeks. Not bad!

Keeping costs under control

In order to carry out real-world functional tests, the prototypes must meet the same requirements as the subsequent series part. 1zu1 achieves this entirely from a single source. In the case of BERNINA it quickly became clear that only a combination of rapid tooling and injection molding was viable. After all, it was necessary to implement 28 demanding specifications and guarantee the same material properties as those found in the series part. Modular aluminum molds can be produced quickly, enable rapid changes for product iterations and are extremely cost-effective.

Injection-molding tools with the shortest lead times

Our toolmakers have three criteria constantly before their eyes: time, cost and precision. Aluminum tools are designed from the outset with practical inserts, so that any desired changes can be made quickly and inexpensively. The tools are produced with short lead times on our in-house, ultra-precision 5-axis milling and turning machines. As our Rapid Tooling Product Manager Wolfgang Spiegel explains: „1zu1 customers can choose between manual unloading and fully automatic. With a fully automatic tool, we can get closer to series production.“

Top-quality injection-molded parts

We produce prototypes in the original material as well as series parts in batches of up to 50,000 units or more. Our high-quality, reliable Arburg injection molding machines allow a virtually unlimited choice of shape and surface texture. Thanks to swivel mounting, a wide variety of parts can be simply inserted into the mold and overmolded (e.g. for insert pins or multi-component parts). We also make products in ISO Class 8 cleanroom quality.

Our specific injection molding solutions give developers a huge advantage: from the outset, they can design parts that are suitable for plastics and will allow reliable series production later on.

„1zu1 has been a supportive partner, and its good ideas and suggested solutions have helped us to design a top product.“

In-house injection molding: premium quality, modular tools, original materials, manageable costs and short lead times. Why not make an appointment with your personal 1zu1 consultant and judge for yourself?


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