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Begeisternde Welt neuer Möglichkeiten

Production and prototyping of 3D designed plastic parts – this is the world in which we, 1zu1, feel at home. Our services as a 3D printing service provider: consulting, supporting designers, refining, manufacturing. We are one of the leading companies for prototyping, 3D printing and pre-series production in plastics in Europe.

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Scanned to reveal the smallest detail

Guaranteed quality with computed tomography

The construction space of a P500 plant. 3000 parts within 3 days.

Extended lead

Speed ​​increased in 3D printing

One matte green and one bright green plastic mouse with 3 fingerprints

Smooth, smoother, chemically smoothed

New surface technology for 3D printing


Fine Detail Resolution (FDR)
New technology for the most intricate structures

Tiny details make all the difference in 3d printing technology.

The construction space of a P500 plant. 3000 parts within 3 days.

New performance dimensions in 3D printing

EOS P 500 plastic laser-sintering system

[Translate to English:] Formiga in Polypropylen

The closest thing to series production!

3D printing with original materials

[Translate to English:] Automatische Zahnbürste

An idea becomes reality:

Vacuum casting revolutionizes dental hygiene!

[Translate to English:] Blaspistole SMC

Thinking in 3D

Inspiring customers with additive manufacturing

[Translate to English:] Lasersintern: Lackieren ist gut, einfärben ist besser.

The fascination of color

Dyeing and finishing SLS parts

[Translate to English:] SLS Staubsaugerdüse

Excellence drive in laser sintering / 3D printing

Even better components, with no additional time or costs

[Translate to English:] 1zu1 Reinraum-Spritzguss-Teil

The ultimate highlight

High-end injection molding in the cleanroom for real-time in-vitro diagnosis.

[Translate to English:] Operation: Kunststoff-Auge

A hit with medical professionals

Artificial eye based on 1zu1’s extensive know-how

Additive Manufacturing Consultant presents AMQ certificate to head of additive manufacturing and general manager


Additive Manufacturing Quality certification

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Data transfer

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