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Excellence drive in laser sintering / 3D printingEven better components, with no additional time or costs

As a company, we naturally prefer to keep moving forward rather than resting on our laurels. For example with our „excellence drive“. In selective laser sintering, this brings the following benefits for you ...

20. February 2018

We wouldn't be 1zu1 if we rested on our laurels. That's why we spend our time improving, expanding and refining - for example, by perfecting components without incurring any extra time or costs. That way our customers get better quality within the same cost and time frame. In the long run, optimized 1zu1 manufacturing processes lead to more market opportunities. To us, that's time well spent.

Moving with the times

Selective laser sintering combines quality and cutting-edge ­technology in the interests of your products: three brand new, next-generation EOS P 396 systems deliver better tolerance and consistent, outstanding component quality. It was no accident that the EOS P 396 received the 3D Hubs „3D Printer Guide Award 2017“ in the SLS category.

Prior to the sintering process proper, our new powder mixing and filtering technique guarantees a consistent material quality. After sintering, the newly installed semi-automatic blasting system takes over the job of de-powdering. 100% clean and quick as a flash. This guarantees accurately reproducible parts of a consistently high quality standard.

Over the last two years, approx. 1m euros have been invested in top-class technology, always with a view to delivering a consistent material and product quality for all components. The result is AM-compatibleprocesses, as provenby our AMQ certification.

A variety of finishes

Beside tried-and-tested surface finishing techniques such as spray putty treatment or painting, components can also be printed or subjected to „tight infiltratration“. From April, we will also be offering „color infiltration“. This allows the materials to be dyed rather than coated - useful for screw threads, for example.

Top-class material

We achieve an accurate shape and fit thanks to our material expertise, flexibility, exact criteria (strength, heat resistance, impact resistance, biocompatibility) and impeccably maintained equipment. We offer you an à la carte range of premium SLS materials: PA, PA with glass beads, PP and neoprene-like rubber (6 colors, different Shore hardnesses). Continuous material testing and refinement serve to guarantee top quality.

The finishing touch

More and more products are being sold based on their look and feel. Tumbling (vibratory finishing) gives you a wider choice of finishing. This process allows edges to be rounded and surfaces to be deburred, smoothed or polished. The effect can be compared to pebbles rubbed smooth by a fast-flowing stream. Also on offer are EDM texturing, high gloss, special effects, post-mold painting and individual color samples.

SLS and Additive Manufacturing are on the rise. You too can benefit from perfect results you'll be delighted with: homogeneous component quality, greater surface variety and a broad range of materials.


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