P 500 from EOS: THE plastic laser-sintering system from the world's leading technology provider for 3D printing – as good as it gets. And 1zu1 is a pilot customer of EOS. As a pioneer in the market, we are setting new standards in prototype construction and series production. And in quantities of up to several thousand pieces. In this way, 1zu1 is expanding the horizons for industrial 3D printing.

Series: quantities of over 1,000

In terms of speed and repeatability, the technology is becoming comparable to the injection-molding process,but with the familiar advantages of flexible, tool-free production. Thanks to the extra-large installation space, series quantities of several thousand pieces are possible. This means you can benefit from larger runs with noticeably lower costs per component. The new generation of systems offers constant dimensional accuracy and unsurpassed detail mapping throughout the installation space, thus ensuring maximum precision for entire assemblies. For you, this means fewer process development steps and a shorter time-to-market.

EOS P 500 for 1zu1 customers

The new EOS P 500 plastic laser-sintering system is already being used exclusively for 1zu1 customers within the scope of a pilot phase for series components.

Your advantages

  • Consistently accurate and functioning 3D printed parts with outstanding quality and accuracy
  • Extra safety due to compliance with tolerances for many parts. Similar to series injection molding.
  • Small series with demanding quality requirements in quantities of up to 1,000 pieces or more
  • Tools still not profitable? The solution: 3D printing.
  • New ways to build joined-together components
  • Integrated functions that are not possible with injection molding
  • Short time-to-market – fast adaptations and changes with no mechanical jig and fixture construction

Our role, your benefits

Our role: As a partner to EOS, we are a pilot customer for this latest generation of 3D printing sintering systems. Our capabilities: We are now realizing the first components for selected customers using the P 500 and FDR technology. Your benefits: Let the vast potential of this cutting-edge technology do the talking – for top quality with shorter lead times. Exploit the benefits during development and realization of your 3D printed series parts.