Additive manufacturing – often also called rapid manufacturing or additive assembly – refers, on the one hand, to the use of processes for series production which were previously used primarily in rapid prototyping. This is opening up new technical and economic possibilities. On the other hand, additive manufacturing refers to all generative manufacturing processes in which the component is made by adding layer upon layer of material. This is in contrast to the conventional, subtractive manufacturing processes such as milling, drilling and turning where material is removed.

What makes the additive manufacturing process so exceptional is that no tools are needed to manufacture components, thus allowing complex geometric structures to be built which would be impossible or prohibitively expensive if made using traditional manufacturing processes.

In this way there is a direct link between the developer’s desk and the production line.

  • Extensive design and construction freedom
  • Realization of complex constructions and lightweight structures
  • Reduction of iteration cycles in product development
  • Tool-less manufacturing
  • On-site, custom and just-in-time production
  • Scalable from lot size 1 up to series production

In our experience, the most popular process in rapid manufacturing today is Selective Laser Sintering. However, depending on the requirements, multi-jet fusion, stereolithography, vacuum casting or injection molding are alternative options for production of the final components. Rapid technological advancements in the machines and the availability of new materials have recently made the use of 3D-printing processes possible in series production.

Additive manufacturing thus “flexes its muscles” where traditional manufacturing reaches its limits. It enables a design-oriented manufacturing process with continuous adaptation of the components, even in ongoing series production. In terms of production, this is a game-changer.

1zu1 Additive Manufacturing Guarantee

We intensively monitor the ISO-certified processes in our machines, while cameras allow us to keep tabs on every process, 24/7. In additive manufacturing we build test specimens on request in order to check the strength of the parts. Temperature and humidity-controlled rooms and continuously serviced machinery underpin the consistency of our production.

We use original materials supplied by the equipment manufacturer and guarantee consistent quality. In laser sintering, the refresh rates of the material are so high that we can guarantee maximum precision, perfect surface quality and high strength. We manufacture exclusively in-house in secured rooms and guarantee maximum secrecy.

1zu1 Development Monitoring

We realize ideas together with our customers. We do this based on the required design, speed, precision and cost-effectiveness. Based on the initial design data, our professionals advise you as to which technologies and production processes would be best suited to the project. The entire process is traceable right up to market launch – and the result is perfect. The optimal decision can only be reached with first-class consulting and support.

Our focus is determined by your requirements: design freedom, speed, precision, cost-effectiveness. To achieve this, we have a wide range of 3D-printing technologies and in the case of increasing volumes we can seamlessly switch to other processes such as vacuum casting or rapid tooling for injection molding.

However, right now we believe it makes the most sense to employ these technologies for components or assemblies that have been specifically designed for 3D printing. In this way you can get the most out of this novel technology.

Additive Manufacturing Quality / AMQ Certificate

EOS, the world leader in additive manufacturing technology, has awarded 1zu1 the coveted AMQ seal – an award with tangible benefits for the customer.

Using additive manufacturing we are already in a position to react very quickly to fast innovation cycles and shortened development times. The possibilities here are almost endless.