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Projet 6000 and Viper Si2
Different materials with the highest resolution

The two systems Projet 6000 and Viper Si2 are used for the stereolithography process. They score points in the smallest of spaces, for example within a system installation space of 250 mm in all axes, they reliably produce high-precision fine components. 


  • Implementation of prototypes and series parts possible in the shortest possible time due to a variety of different materials (high-strength to soft or transparent)
  • 3D printing parts possibly already available after 24 hours
  • Immediate design tests and adjustments possible
  • In standard mode (NR..), the 3D printers work with layer thicknesses of 100 um and so operate quickly and economically


  • System construction space: 250 x 250 x 250 mm (L/D/H)
  • In standard mode (NR mode – Normal Resolution), these 3D printing systems operate with a layer thickness of 100 µm
  • In HR mode (high-resolution mode), it is possible to go into even more detail and construct even finer, smaller and more precise components. The data are impressive: 50 µm layer thickness, reduced laser focus of 77 µm.

The small dimension of the system allows easy changeover to different materials.

Application areas

  • Master models for plastic vacuum casting
  • Large simulation models
  • Functional prototypes and assemblies for all applications.
  • Electronic and electrical equipment
  • Assemblies with snap fasteners
  • Optical components such as lenses, diffusers, displays…
  • Medical devices
  • Design and marketing models


  • Accura® Xtreme  – similar to ABS
  • Accura® 25 – somewhat more flexible
  • Somos® WaterClear Ultra – for transparent components
  • Somos® Taurus – for higher strengths
  • Somos® ProtoTherm

Other STL/SLA systems

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