OBJET Eden 350V
Polyjet system from Stratasys

This technology was installed back in February 2006 and is used at 1zu1 Prototypes to produce high-quality master models for vacuum casting. Various acrylate photopolymers are processed. This printing technique uses four print heads with a print width of 65 mm. By constantly offsetting the print head on each layer, component defects due to individual nozzle failures are prevented.

The support material is water-soluble and is removed after the construction process using a water jet system, thus gently “unpacking” the components.

This technology is suitable for small, thin-walled components and parts whereby the priority is ensuring the smallest possible deviation from the nominal geometry. Due to the very low layer thickness of only 0.016 mm, only a slight grinding of the surface is required for subsequent surface treatment via polishing or EDM texturing. This technique therefore minimizes the danger of geometry changes due to manual grinding.

  • System construction space L 350 x D 350 x H 200 mm
  • Resolution 600 dpi
  • Layer thickness 0.016 mm

OBJET 3D-printed components achieve high geometrical and dimensional accuracy combined with maximum surface quality, which is then reflected in the vacuum-cast plastic parts. Furthermore, it is possible to achieve thin walls with a thickness of approx. 0.5 mm.