Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) allows rapid production of detailed functional prototypes or small series from batch sizes of a single unit. We ensure the required product functions from a very early stage, thus accelerating product development and reducing risk. Laser sintering is therefore the shortest path from the idea to market maturity (time-to-market).

In addition, thanks to its almost limitless possibilities, this process has great future potential (layered structure, material can be applied to series parts). Products, molds/tools or prototypes are produced quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively directly from electronic data. This suddenly makes small series, diverse variants or customized user adaptations worthwhile.

Selective Laser Sintering offers numerous advantages, including complete design and construction freedom, the implementation of complex structures, functional integration and tool-free production of prototypes and small series from batch sizes of a single unit.

Laser-sintered ant
Our laser-sintered “Formiga” ant.
State-of-the-art laser sintering systems – SLS machines
A tour of our SLS machinery in the 1zu1 RP Center.
additively manufactured component for a 4D cinema
Highly complex, additively manufactured component for an outlet that will be integrated into a cinema seat.
SLS component for small series
Holding device for a small series
AM (Additive Manufacturing): 3D printing in series
AM (Additive Manufacturing): 3D printing in series – “plain” ...
AM (Additive Manufacturing): 3D printing in series and in color
... or in your preferred color.
1zu1 is an AMQ (Additive Manufacturing Quality)-certified company
We are AMQ (Additive Manufacturing Quality)-certified. A distinction with tangible benefits for our customers.

Layer by layer

Laser sintering is a generative, layer-based construction process. The model is constructed via local sintering or melting of layers of powdered material using focused laser radiation. In contrast to conventional manufacturing processes, all kinds of three-dimensional geometries can be generated with SLS.

Laser-sintering process graphics

(1) Laser
(2) Mirror
(3) Coater
(4) Powder bed
(5) Powder feed
(6) Lowerable platform
(7) Components

The key factor is the material: polyamide, glass-reinforced polyamide and rubber

Our high-tech systems only receive the best original materials, which we have extensively tested. Quality materials and perfectly maintained systems guarantee maximum dimensional and fit accuracy for your pro1o1types. As laser sintering materials, polyamide, glass-reinforced polyamide, rubber and polypropylene are currently available. Request your free sample box.

Get started with polypropylene

Another innovation from 1zu1 is our polypropylene prototypes. Since many products are made from PP, we consistently pursue our goal of getting “1-to-1” to the original. This new service allows 100% use of the original material. Only the manufacturing process used for production of the prototypes differs. This means a maximum component size of 200 mm x 200 mm x 300 mm is possible.

  • Optimal coordination of material and machine technology
  • Film hinges and fine threads (from size M3) are now also available in polypropylene
  • Fast, accurate and true-to-contour production
  • 1-to-1 to the original material

We have continuously experimented, discarded and developed to make the best polypropylene on the market available to our customers. Through continuous use in the most diverse projects, we have gradually optimized both the application and the process.

Polypropylene presents us with new challenges in 2019 . After numerous tests, we took the decision to switch to a new type of polypropylene.
PP01 is not only an optimal material for the sintering process, it also comes close to the original material used in the injection-molding process.

Polypropylene PP01 is

  • Slightly yellowish, similar to injection-molded PP
  • Lighter than water; the material density is 0.89 g/cm³.
  • Resistant to greases and almost all organic solvents at room temperature
  • Odorless and gentle on the skin, i.e. suitable for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries
The Formiga in polypropylene.
The Formiga in polypropylene.
Detailed view of the PP Formiga.
Detailed view of the PP Formiga.
The sample box in the production process.
The sample box in the production process.

The feedback from our customers regarding PP01 is consistently positive.  Our consulting process for this material has clearly also been well-received. Together with our customers, we are therefore always able to offer the optimal material solution for prototypes and series parts. You can also order your free sample box of this material.